GoldFish or Lady Fish by Olga

"Goldfish" - is a mystical creation of fairy tales, fish which able to speak the human language and fullfill your wishes!

Lady Fish is a young woman. She can charm people with just one movement of the body, waving tail feathers or a sight of blue eyes as the water surface.

In the idea she is an embodiment of the princess fish from a fairy tale of Alexander Pushkin and fish-carp from Japanese mythology. In the doll dress well they both converge.

Headwear: a small golden crown in the form of blooming buds, like a filigree.

Shoes: stiletto-heeled in a similar style of a crown (maybe a little crown as a shoe buckle).

Her dress consist of two colors: white and red. Surface of the body fits to the fabric of scales or flakes of imitation (painting) from the chest to the hip line (as mini-dress). At the edge of dress feathers of different lengths of milky white silk.

There is a tatoo of a golden veil tail fish on the girl's shoulder. When her show nude - on the doll a mantle seems like fishing net.

Bastet - Lady Cat by Olga

Imagination of Women and Cats go togethe since ancient times. Among the Egyptian representations of woman can be found Bastet - Goddess of joy, fun and love, feminine beauty, fertility and home, which was depicted as a cat or woman with the cat head. "Lady Cat" includes both of them.

She dresses expensive fabrics and gold jewelry with precious stones.
Majestic and gentle, flexible and wildlife. She is.

Military Girl by Olga

Nowadays, military style literally on the cutting edge of current world events. But many world designers, and i agree with them, like to accent not military style, but a fragile femininity through this style.

Men's military jacket in combination with the air flowing cloth dress show us sensuality of woman being, but in combination with lace stockings and shirt it could be acute sexual.

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