Entry 1 by Orangey34

I felt an immediate spark when I saw the traditional outfits and headpieces of the Thailand people, and so the first design is based off of this idea. I based this doll on the illness of epilepsy. The story is that this girl is a sufferer of seizures, making her greatly non-marriageable despite her beautiful and pure outward appearance. Her father becomes convinced that she is being plagued by a spirit, and the seizures are a sign that it is trying desperately to escape. She is to be a snapshot of her during life before her father's unorthodox healing methods become the end of her. I wanted to create her with a gentle look, her eyes hinting toward desperation and sadness, therefore the blushing around her eyes should be a pale purple and blue. As a costumed doll, she would include both a long white wig, and a black wig, and she will wear a tall silver headpiece encrusted with purple jewels. She will wear a long dress/robe, beaded with light coloured beads in blue, purple, white, pink, etc. She'll also have a beaded neck-dress, and dropping down the centre from it is a gold emblem.

Entry 2 by Orangey34

This idea came to me when I first discovered the act of genital mutilation. It shocked me that the often extremely painful and invasive act is still widely being practiced on females in certain parts of the world today. The doll is to be African and will be shown with type III FGM, infibulation, where the full crotch is sewn, leaving only a small hole to pass urine, etc. I wanted to tie in this idea with the idea of blindness (more psychological than physical), so she is to be wearing a headpiece of silver which also acts as a mask to cover her eyes. The mask and headpiece will look like intertwined branches of a tree. Her hair will be fully braided with fine braids. She will be nude except for the designs/tattooing above her crotch, her hands, and feet, and the silver serpents that snake around her upper torso.

Entry 3 by Orangey34

For this last idea I was inspired by the imagery of crystal and glass chandeliers. I wanted to create a skirt of gold, which has 2 layers/tiers. The top layer of the skirt should be segmented into 4 separate pieces, or flaps, while the bottom layer will be 3 flaps. The visual I provided is actually just a basic idea of the concept, and not an design set in stone. The skirt and headpieces should both resemble highly ornamented crystal chandeliers with hanging beads and jewels. The headpiece has a circular crown base which is gold, then extends to a silver 'tower' which branches off around her head, from which silver pieces hang down circularly around her head. The girl should essentially be dripping with those hanging beads, etc from every angle you look (although it shouldn't be too much as to drown the doll). She should appear to be glowing or radiating. Her hair will be reddish brown. She will wear silver slippers with blue enamel.

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