by Immacolata

My husband wrote a fantasy book with several interesting characters: one of them is modeled on me( of course I’m a lot different from her but my husband says that we should be sisters…), a savage princess from Realm of Testalya, Aspesia, and also a talented warrior that could transform herself into a half bird-half woman being called Fury.

The Furies are brave and respected warriors in the world described in the book and I took the suggestion of my husband to present her for this contest: the time was running in everyday life and I should like to make some more drawing about her, her costume and all her degrees of transformations. But I can make only one drawing: I tried to respect the spirit of the character of my husband, with a little more manga style( I love manga and anime!!) and, about her doll version, I imagined an Enchanted doll with real feather applied on her arms and shoulders. The bigger ones should be real feathers, the smaller made of sculpted resin and glued over the real ones.

Seen you talent about tattoo and about details I’m sure you will make ther real!!

Her greek sandals should be made of bronze plated details and leather, as well as her necklace, and maybe, when she’s not fighting, she would wear a linen tunic, open on her breast: after all she’s an amazon!!

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