Andrea by Pascal

In those 3 pictures you can see my Enchanted Doll called 'Andrea'.

This doll is inspired by my mother. She is waiting a lot of time for my father who is working all over the world, for sometimes 3 weeks or more.
So that the story of my doll. :)
She's called Andrea and she is waiting for her husband who went to work as a sailor - but never returned.
I see her standing at a cliff at the sea in Ireland, her long black hair and silk dress moving by the wind, waiting patiently for her man.
She should symbolize the 'typical' fragile, virgin and pure beautiful woman.

In the first picture you can see Andreas body including a tattoo and 2 face options.
On her body you can see a heart chained to an anchor. That tattoo should symbolize that her heart is always contected to the sea (because of her husband).
I wanted to show you 2 faces one 'realistic one' and one in the 'Enchanted Doll style'.

In the second picture you can see Andreas clothing, including a corset and possibly a pattern on the dress.
You can see the dress from the back and the front. It's inspired by the empire style. The materials should be silk and chiffon and the upper part should be lightly transparent so you can see the shapes of her tattoo. The color of the dress should be campagne, so it might remind of an wedding dress. The dress should symbolize the purity and femininity. The corset should be a golden one because it fits much better to the color of the dress than a silver one in my oppinion.

In the last picture you can see 2 possibly results of Andrea.
One with pattern on the dress and one without. With these drawings I wanted to create a beautiful, faithful, sad, fragile but strong woman who never gives up hope.

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