by Patricia

For this special ocasion, I wanted to inspire myself in a very beautiful mith I found one day, about the creation of dragonflies, in which a Fairy fells into the water of a pond and little drops became this beautiful insects. I see them so ethereal and delicate as your porcelain dolls are, so I thought It was a great base for a doll design. I´ve rewritten it to make a short adaptation. I´m spanish, so I´m so sorry if the translation is not that good. Hope you like it as much as I do, so the design too. This year´s contest is a great idea! Thanks so much and enjoy the election!

The birth of Dragonflies

It was almost breaking dawn, and the end of a summer night of starry dark was silently fading,
as I was crossing this mossy forest to find a cure for my thirst.

A little pond of twinkling water came to me in the newborn light.
Sleepy tadpoles floating among the lilies, moved by the gentle breeze of the day.

Spellbound in the vision of forest land, I slipped and fell into the fresh water.
Raising drops melted with fairy charm, under both moonlight and fine sun touch.

So became the creatures of nature and magic.

Fragile wings, transparent as water itself. As iriscedent as changing sun in the rainbow. Extrange and ethereal like me.

“My daughters, my flying dragons”

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