Universum Venustas by Paula.

The original character, entitled Universum Venustas depicts my gratitude and admiration for diversity and breathtaking beauty of the Creation.

Many of my thoughts,conclusions and fears were transferred on a perfect canva- Enchanted Doll.

Universum is woven of my numerous inspirations and enlaced in a labyrinth of symbols, each piece adorning her body has it's own meaning.

She's wearing my version of chopine (footwear popular in Venice in 16th century), symbolizing the distance between a man and unattainable firmament.

The infamous chastity belt (here rather futuristic and biomechanical) indicates purity and forbidden mysteries hidden in countless, vast galaxies.

Serpentine embellishment covering doll's decolletage is a metaphor of the treacherous bond between man and technology. Initially loose, decorative pleats become more and more tight, creating numerous limits and leading us to enslavement.

Fan-shaped, spreading widely collar and delicate, translucent veil reminds the ever-expanding Universe with no drawn or even known boundaries.

Teardrop-shaped gemstone, hanging between Universum's starry eyes, is a symbol of the Centre and Beggining. The same shape is purposely repeated around the belly button. Lastly, ornamental, splendid, tree-like crown on the top, reveals Life as a value coronating Work of Creation, treasure that can never be devalueated, replaced or forsaken.

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Copyright © 2011 Marina Bychkova.