The Tale of Nightingale Song by Petya

Somewhere, not long ago, a maiden was born out of the song of a wild nightingale. She was soft and charming like the song that gave birth to her life. Deep inside her heart, she carried the power of the winds and the warmth of the sun rays, and her eyes shined like the brightest of stars. Anywhere she walked by she would leave the sweet aroma of wild flowers and her gracious walk would capture every soul.

Having heard of her beauty, the king decided he should possess it by right. He therefore sent his best of hunters after her tracks but she would always slip away. Enraged the king decided to use the skills of his close wizard in order to capture the wild beauty.

The wizard casted a powerful magic capturing the maiden. Then they brought her to the palace and imprisoned her in the highest of towers. This would be her destiny, had she refused to marry the ruler of the kingdom. But the girl would not see good in the black heart of the tyrant and refused. Driven by his wrath the king would never let her go.

However, even today a man can hear the sad song of the beautiful maiden, carried by the wind and touching the hearts only of those who know what it means to love freedom.

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Copyright © 2011 Marina Bychkova.