by Rachel

My idea for a doll is a Geisha. Not only does society find Geisha beautiful but also mysteriously unattainable with both fantasy and reality based conceptions. I chose a geisha on the fantasy aspect because they are known to be the ultimate entertainers, many geisha have been immortalized in art and poems to deserve such an image. In reality, geisha are women who have gone through a lifetime of training to rise above their station and be something more than a fisherman's daughter. Many young girls and women were sold to be geisha and only the finest became so. Over the centuries, women have gone through so much striving for acceptance and equality into a man's society of which they are neither welcome or cherished. It is women however that have evolved through strength and the most amazing grace to persevere through a man's world as it were. Her Kimono is is plain on the outside but inside is a pattern that resembles a lotus flower pattern. The color are taken from a peacock's feather and the delicate yellow flowers are both symbols of the two things women tend to grow from and grow into... Her eyes are coy and half closed and her delicate hands offer you a glimpse of alabaster shoulder. Her makeup is tradtional and also a symbol of the traditions women have been subjected to for centuries. Her combs are jade and loosely hold her hair in place.

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