Zhuo Ma by Ran

In the southwest part of China,Tibet Plateau is the place which is closet to heaven and the Zang ethnic minority(Tibetan) has been living at there for thousands of years. This is a real story that was told by my grandma.She is a Tibetan woman.When my grandma was a child,her neighbour Zhuo Ma was the most beautiful girl in the grassland.Not just her beauty,but her voice can stop the air.My grandma said when Zhuo Ma was singing ,the wind would halt ,and the Prayer Wheel would stop turning.Like other girls, Zhou ma should go to find the traditional chinese medicinal materials which was used to trade for red corallite,kallaite and silver to making her dowry.Because a teacher from the big city would marry her.At the wedding day,before they were set out, Zhuo Ma took my grandma in her arms.“She kissed my face and smiled to me.Then she would leave the grassland,”said my grandma.But when the bride and her retinues were grounded on the top of the mountain, it snowed suddenly.It was very dangerous on that 4000 meters high .That day the bride lost her life on the way to wedding ceremony and she was only 18 years old.After this,everyone think it must because that Moundety wants to keep Zhuo Ma remain for the mountain and grassland.So the Tibetan girl is holy and pure generally.

A Jiu Gui by Ran

In Kweichow deep mountains,the Miao nationality is far away from modle society.Those girls in the mountain look shorter and smaller than normal girls.They are good at dancing and singing,it makes them always like little birds in spring.Father love her daughter so much.In Miao nationality tradition,Dad must making the full set of headwear before his daughter get married by himself.All the headwear’s part are made of slice silver.And the stuffs are sheep,cow,bird,flower,butterfly and everything in nature you can see.It’s hears so lovely.But in folk tale, Many people are afraid of Miao girl.The Miao nationality girl pets poisonous insects for witchcraft!!This kind of Chinese witchcraft is named 蛊. A Jiu Gui is one of them.When a boy love her and make an offer of marriage,A Jiu Gui will said to him:If you love an other girl,my brother will broken your legs,my pet will eat off your heart and soul.So I think the Miao girl is the queen in the mountains.

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