Princess Allena by Rebecca

Inspiration: The mystery of Atlantis

Allana was the daughter of Poseidon, princess of Atlantis that history neglected to record.

Princess Allana had hair of gold and eyes as blue as the deep sea. She had a natural curiosity with a mind for observation and documentation. Poseidon encouraged these traits and wishing her to be safe from the battles her brothers would be tasked to engage in, he assigned her to patrol the seas- to ensure balance and encouraging the circle of life.

Princess Allana was precious to Poseidon and as such, he gifted her with a breastplate made of orichalen- Atlantis’ most precious metal. At the center of this breastplate was the “stone of heart”. It amplified her adventurous spirit and love of the sea- assisting her in her task . Because of her, life would thrive. She explored the seas observing and documenting what she encountered, returning every season to Atlantis to share her tales and observations.

Princess Allana’s writings and journals are rumored to be in the hands of an elite collector that got lost in the Bermuda Triangle. Her breastplate is still being searched for today, said to hold untold secrets of the deep.

Medusa by Rebecca

Medusa’s story has been told a number of fantastical ways, but is far from the truth.

While Medusa was beautiful, she was human. She traveled the land with her brother, Marcus an animal trainer, performing readings and charming the crowd. However, she was also deft at charming snakes. Marcus, as much as he tried, could never master his snakes. Following a few embarrassing performances, he became a joke to crowds and they could no longer secure performances. He was broke.

Marcus’ jealousy toward his sister’s skill led him to a witch. He made a deal with the witch to be able to charm any beast in his ownership. The price? His sister’s beauty.

The next day, Marcus woke to the illusion of his sister’s raven black hair being replaced by snakes! The fear in his eyes was met by hers, filled with anger for his betrayal, petrifying him on the spot.

Medusa’s anger fueled the witch’s illusion to all she met, petrifying them when they met her stony gaze. Because of this, she was never seen as who she was, the beautiful and charming performer, again.

Goddess Nunauit by Rebecca

The Arctic Goddess Nunauit oversees the vast frozen Arctic. She allows ships safe passage through her waters, as long as they have done right by the land and sea. If she feels betrayed, ships will meet a watery death.

Survivors of wrecked ships claim to have had premonitions of her wrath. While beautiful, with skin as white as snow and hair that sparkled as if the sun was reflecting on an icicle, her glacier blue eyes are cold and penetrative. She can see into a sailor’s soul and know his wrongs against her.

Nunauit carries a glimmering staff that brings beauty and light to her land. However, when struck to the ground, resonates the distinctive crack of glacier pieces falling into the sea.

She will be heard.

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