Entry 1 by Regina

I am the mother of five children, one of them is born with a rare, severe disability. Ever since the day he was born, he looked different than healthy children. This is probably the reason why many people stare at us when we go out with him. He is still small in stature, has a characteristic face and mentally he remains a baby. But he is incredibly sweet and affectionate.

Many children with congenital diseases have their own special face and looks, we parents often see them like our own little fairies and our own angels. They ask a lot of attention but they give back so much love! We love them the way they are but some reactions of people can hurt us, they only see a sick or disabled child that frightens them sometimes.

Therefore I had the idea for a doll witch appearance is a little different than just the average. Very human of course but with a few unusual little touches, and that in honor of all the unusual, unique and at the same time beautiful children and the parents that care for them so much.

I believe that would mean a great deal to my son and all those other unique children out there!

Entry 2 by Regina

I hate the cold winter with his dark days, every winter I look forward to spring when nature awakens with the first flowers, the first green. For me the most beautiful of spring comes later on, when the trees are in full bloom. An orchard full of flowering trees look like a big fairytale garden. When I look to the delicate beauty of the flowers I almost expect to see a little fairy in the heart of it.

Unfortunately that beauty can only be admired a few days a year, than you must wait again until the following spring. It would be nice if that fragile beauty can be kept in something you can watch every day, what a lovely thought!

A doll with a delicate blossom tattoo on her body, with numerous blossems in her hair and a beautiful dress in a light and transparent fabric covered with blossems.

Entry 3 by Regina

When I was a little girl I had many dolls in all sizes. Whit them I created my own little fantasy world. In my mind they were not puppets but living creatures who talked and played with me. I am now a grown woman and mother of five children, four sons and one daughter. I still love dolls, I admire them in shops and on the Internet. My daughter made ​​me aware of your website and your beautiful dolls. Also she told me about the contest!

I am not someone who can draw, also I am a computer dummy, as you've probably noticed I even speak and write bad english because it is not my mother language. But I received some ideas for the contest so I venture my chance!

When I first looked at your dolls, I saw them in mind as a star in a fairytale. They really lived, moved gracefully, bowed to their prince and danced with him. Ik vroeg me af hoe de poppen in hun prachtige kleding eruit zouden zien als ze echt konden bewegen. So I thought of a puppet on strings. I think it must be wonderful when the doll almost comes to live when you move the strings and you can manage the movements that they make. For me and many doll lovers it must be a dream come true!

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