Ixazaluoh Daughter of the Children of the One Law, Last Ruler of Atlantis by RLS

(Inspired by historical accounts of Atlantis, the Mayans, and the Psychic visions of Edgar Cayce)

A fair, Brunette woman with long center parted dark hair and beautiful blue green eyes..

Wearing light garments of diaphanous blue/white fabric that are gathered at the waist by a large gold belt. The belt is religious and political by nature with the One Law cross (Mayan cross) in the center and the symbol of her station. Smaller glyphs of birds, plants and animals flow around the belt to the back.

Ixazaluoh is the spiritual and political leader of the last faction of the “Children of the One Law” followers. During the final days of Atlantis, having gained dominance over their island nation, “The Children of Belial” have become intent on using Atlantean technology to satisfy their desire for global domination. To stop them she sacrifices herself and her followers to save the world.

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