by Rosealene

My inspiration was from a much loved story of Cinderella: "The Rough Faced Girl". It came to me suddenly while looking at your melancholy dolls. Scarred and ugly the girl was still sweet, kind, and honest. All the women of the village, had to see the great warrior to marry him. They lie to gain his great riches but she is honest. He shows himself to her, and then she is ltaken to the lake to bathe. All the scars, and her roughly shorn hair disappear. She is beautiful.

The eagle for most native americans is a symbol of strength, and she had plenty of it. Its open wings on her back touching her arms, it becomes a symbol of her freedom. So the doll once sad and oppressed. Is now the Great Warriors wife, proud and regal.

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Copyright © 2011 Marina Bychkova.