Vesmir by Roy

Description: Vesmir is a Goddess living in space, no one knows where she is or when she will appear again, however every star that we see is a proof that she keeps on creating them. She does this in order to create another planet that will allow for life to exist. Vesmir’s Body jewels represent the galaxies she has created. The spheres hanging from her wings are her essence, her power emanates from them, however, she is aware that her energy might ran out, and thus she uses it wisely to keep the planets that contain life spinning. The reason why she came to be is because the space is infinite and we yet have to know what lies within its darkest regions, which in fact could be brighter than ours.

Vesmir is the creation of my mere dreams of heavenly figures other than angels with fluffy wings flying over us. She travels throughout space in order to balance the chaos that exists. The colors used in developing this character are mainly hues of blues and pinks; I decided to use these colors because they are the ones that I have seen mostly on pictures of galaxies and nebulas, and even thou there are more colors I have found that these hues appear to stand out more from the rest. The overall design was inspired by the fashion shows I have seen, in which models wear extremely big accessories, such as jewelry, wings, or coats to emphasize more on what the design is trying to express, in my case I am trying to express power, emotion, and the flow of life and energy that happens throughout the universe.

Pointe Boots by Roy

Description: These shoes are inspired by my recent fascination with ballerina dancers, and how they manage to maintain themselves only with their toes. The shoes do not represent a ballerina dancer but rather an individual who is forced to practice ballet just like many girls are forced today. The one wearing these shoes is bound to them, however, they are less painful as it places the weight of the wearer on the ankles and feet rather than just the toes for support, but the one using them will definitely practice ballet one day. The shoes are inspired by Marina’s metal working, and the design was made thinking of my future ED, which I will hopefully be able to obtain one day along with these shoes designed for it.

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