Pink Crown's Backstory by Ruth

Snow White's wicked stepmother once had children of her own. Years before, she had borne twins, a boy and a girl. The boy she loved and raised in her occult arts, but she jealously hated the girl for her beauty. One day she caught the girl trying on her jeweled crown and admiring herself in the mirror. Enraged, she ordered a servant to take her to the woods and kill her. The brother rushed after them, but too late--his sister's blood was already spilled on the ground. He called out to her fleeing spirit and made it join his, inside his own body, where she was hidden and safe. But gradually, as her life force blended with his, the body they shared became both male and female. They wore loose robes to hide the breasts and slender waist from their mother's shrewd eyes, but soon she saw and knew. With cold fury, she cast them inside an enchanted mirror. It forced them to gaze out through the silver surface and answer whatever questions were asked them. When she died, the spell and the mirror were broken, and a frail, silver-eyed creature stepped out from the shards...

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Copyright © 2011 Marina Bychkova.