by Sara R.

I have long had the fantasy, the idea of a warrior princess - someone who, while beautiful and feminine, also does not wait for knight in shining armor or a prince to rescue her. In art and fairytales, we are often presented with the idea of a prince who is also a warrior, so I wondered why the same could not be true of a princess? This idea is very personal to me - I was raped at age 17 by someone I knew, and afterward was haunted by the fact that I hadn't been able to fight off my attacker. Although I haven't dwelled on what happened to me, this concept for a warrior princess has stayed with me for a long time. Although she looks medieval in her armor I think that this warrior has never been more relevant than today, when it seems that women everywhere are being forced to fight back, whether that is against their culture, or to defend their rights over their own bodies.

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