by Sara G.

My concept for the creation of this doll is simply woman and beast, Ive no one idea or influence. "Dismorph" is a name ive been mulling around and it just seems right. One who is goddess, nature, temptress and all woman. She is the wild within, a fertile queen overseeing her forest. I wanted to create a bit of a darker picture, her long talons and horned headdress reveal a feral side. You would not want to cross her and succumbing will bring pleasure, pain and blood. Just as mother nature is a cruel mistress, so is Dismorph, her moods are violent and quick. Beautifully terrifying she rules the forest . Like Eve she holds an apple tempting man to have a bite and with that does the blood flow. Really she is the woman we all are, the ultimate mother, the whore and Madonna. I really love this idea. I hope you do as well!

She has a fur wrap, I would like to think the animal didn't suffer much... and her corset sits atop a full skirt. her horns are such a beautiful head piece...perhaps in gold. she wears no shoes and only holds a shiny apple in her taloned fingers. forgive my original rough concept art but i had to take a picture of it with my web camera, I just found out my scanner is broken. I used gimp and blender. second life photography as well, I came up with what I thought was the best representation of my original concept. among the other things that influenced me: the band Rasputina, I really love the included video link, it did influence me quite a bit. The Corset is something I love and I think would be something I would love to see you execute with you wonderful talent. The headdress is also something i would love to see you create. In closing, forgive my spelling and general lack of well executed word, I just hope that I have created a vision, a insperation for you. I would be honored if you even took a few ideas from my entry as I think you are just awesome! I have included some links. And I just wanted to thank you, for making this contest more accessible, I might not be the best artist, but I feel i might have a chance now. I hope you love her as much as I.....

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