"Blue Fox:" The Nine-Tailed Fox by Wish

Gumiho is a nine-tailed fox from Korean folklore which is said to have lived a thousand years. There are many interpretations of this mythical creature, and different versions have permeated Korean popular culture, many of which include Gumiho transforming into a maiden form and seducing men. There is especially a social stigma against such women labeled “fox.” In Asian culture, the term “fox” connotes evil seductress, and the idiom “hiding her fox tail under her skirt” means that a woman is hiding the fact that she is a manipulative man-eater. Even in western culture such as Aesop’s fable, foxes often insinuate slyness.

The greatest attraction to Enchanted Dolls is that they seem to be full of soul. Blue Fox’s story is one of a fox who has a soul and once wanted to become a woman. I tried to design a face that looks feline, feminine, yet a bit sad, with eyes that seem rather animalistic. Long ago, Blue Fox was rescued from hunters by a woodcutter who nursed her and healed her wounds. She fell in love with the woodcutter and wished to become a real woman. Some thousand years have passed and the woodcutter is long since dead; Blue Fox still hasn’t become a full woman yet, because she is a vain fox who enjoys employing her beauty to make people submit to her. Yet, deep in her heart remains the scar of the loss of the woodcutter who had died a thousand years ago, who had loved her just as a fox.

I included my original concept art of Blue Fox’s back side. The “Blue Fox” concept was inspired by the blue China paint Marina uses for many of her doll’s tattoos. I drew a fox tattoo on her back, sort of a literal manifestation of the fact that she is hiding her fox’s tail behind her back. The rough sketch of the nine tails is very much inspired by Marina’s swirly tattoos designs. Her costume is inspired to Korean “gisaeng hanbok,” traditional courtesan’s outfit. Her hair is adorned with many pins of jade, gold, silver and amber, gifts from her many admirers. The big branch ornament was given to her by her dear woodcutter. Her hair is a deep blue to match the color of her fur, her eyes a golden, like a predator animal.

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