by Sarasoo

After a long thought, I decided Kalavinka for Enchanted doll that I want to make.

It was designed as a bird with the figure of beautiful person in a setting that a captured Kalavinka, a legendary bird with upper part of the body in the shape of a person and lower part of the body in the shape of a bird is fettered not to run away.

Face – Eyes are half closed and it sings a song with a sad look on pale skin.

Hair –Ruffled long hair in a braid to one side.

Head dress – It feels like corroded metal that combines a helmet and a crown. A tassel and floral decoration are hung on the sides of a crown. Wing decoration feels as if it is hanging down to the end of head in clusters.

Flowing from her over the wing depends on the decoration is a feeling

(If the size is correct, it will be good to use real wings but if there is no small wing, it will be also pretty if wing decoration is hung)

Body – In the shape that gemstones are studded into the body. Its surroundings are lightly tattooed. Wings – Like head dress, it feels like corroded metal. There is a method that a nut is studded on the back and wings are tightened with a bolt.

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