Yara the enchanted by Sharon

I have used a combination of photography, photoshop and watercolour painting to create Yara, my vision of an enchanted doll. The end result is a collage. I have created her to fit in with your existing range of ED’s.

My inspiration for Yara, comes from the myth of the yogini.

Created by the Hindu goddess Durga, the yoginis role on earth was to battle the forces of evil. With time they started devoting their lives in the pursuit of spiritual knowledge, mystical insight and teaching.

Yara is the daughter of one of the original yoginis. Born to follow her mother’s footsteps, she has a natural disposition to learn. She has a tendency to question and is torn between teachings vs learning…taught to fight evil, but learned that some things perceived as evil aren’t necessarily true. Conflicted, she has started finding her own way, and with every passing battle and hard lesson learned, she gets closer to unlocking her kundalini. The kundalini (represented by a snake) is a latent, instinctive force and the final step to attaining the highest level of learning…and becoming Yara the enchanted…

Juggernaut by Sharon

This subject is close to my heart.

She represents a dove who is trapped by her own torment. The ball and chain represents her burden of decisions on morality and self-resentment.

The 'key' that is part of her body and the 'key hole' so near by, shows how close she is to unlocking these boundaries to take the plunge into these impending decisions and choices.

Yet the helmet with wings (symbolizing freedom), express the willingness to fight and push through the chains that entrap and burden her. This event (Juggernaut), when it does happen, is the ultimate moment of truth and enlightenment.

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