Zala by Shayla

My contest entry is a doll that I have named Zala. She is loosely based off of both Mayan Culture, as well as your breathtaking henna and tattooed dolls. Her name comes from one of her deities, the Quetzalcoatl, and her headdress and skirt are both under such influence as well. The gold was used often in jewelry to worship the sun, and the skirt contains delicate beads in the color of jade that royal Mayans wore. The headdress also contains turquoise-green and shocking red feathers to add both color and opulence found in the surrounding rain forest of her home.

Your henna tattoos inspired me to create the paints on her skin, although I imagine them not as tattoos, but as painted on mud, before a festival, or an activity of great spiritual and cultural importance. Her skin would be a beautiful coffee or cocoa color, to compliment the ocher and maroon fabric.

I have her standing, in a vulnerable position, with eyes closed, head back towards the sun because I see her as either a priestess worshiping the sun, or a sacrificial woman to please the angered gods. Her story is really up to the onlooker, is her peaceful face serene, or merely acceptance?

I think your talented hands would make her look even more regal and beautiful, and can almost touch the jade beads and sculpted headdress! I hope you are pleased with my drawing, for I can see Mayan influences really becoming another ethereal porcelain beauty under your amazing touch

Savannah by Shayla

Her name is Savannah.

Her entire being to me is an embodiment of the Golden Sun.

She is based (loosely) off of the myth in Mayan culture about a "Jaguar Woman" Ixchel , and your beautiful doll 'Lolita' with her gorgeous accessories and head piece.

Ixchel was considered a 16th century Mayan goddess of many things, childbirth, rain, the moon, war, fertility. The aspect I ended up tying in most to her was the fact that she was a deity for young woman (mostly unmarried and virginal) to look up to for hope, strength, and trust in their future. The idea that a woman was iiconic as both being part female, part animal, and maintained a sense of strength, dignity, and sexuality is both inspiring and thought provoking. They chose the jaguar to help embody such a trait, which is another interesting choice.

Savannah's Headpiece is as distinct as Lolita's, for it is of the Jaguar in the Mayan myth, golden, fierce, and almost encompasses her completely. The Jaguar's eyes are emerald, sparkling, and with enough beauty to cut. Savannah's eyes match the emeralds, with her golden hair matching as well.

Freckles adorn her skin, mimicking her spot tattooing.

Her eyes are lined with some sort of makeup, dark, and rimming, making her look feral and mysterious. Her eyes are not worried, or excited, merely all knowing, confident, relaxed. Her spirit is strong, and warm, she does not fear others for she is the huntress.

The headpiece to a little while to design in both a fashion that would remain similar to Mayan art, and your gorgeous technique. I can just imagine it sitting in all three dimensions atop a gorgeous doll's head! I love your clothing and accessories, and long to see the helmet come to life in all of it's emerald and golden intricacy.

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