by Sheridan

My entry is based on my own fantasty and love for writing, inspired on the ring I had for my Valentine from my boyfriend. Our relationship is something I never experienced before & even with our sixteen years difference in ages, I never fell in love as I do now.

The ring he gave me is a total different type of style of jewelry I normally wear & anyone who sees it knows immediately that it’s more then just a ‘ring’. For me, or better say us, it’s a true symbol of love between me & him.

I based my story on this ring. In the ring is one, blue Sapphire and several zyrkonites. It looks like they’re diamonds, but they aren’t diamonds. While I was looking at this ring, I suddenly felt the urge to write about this ring. Not the story of me & Steven, but of the stones itself in it. A story about true love, no matter how the personality is. They can be the true personification of a Sin, Greed & Vanity, but in their own way, they both love each other.

The Story Of King Greed & Queen Vanity.

Once upon a time in a Kingdom, ruled by a King and a Queen. Things in their country where good, not splendid but the people where able to live. The King, Greed and the Queen, Vanity where both deeply in love with each other, so much it was unreal.

On one day, Queen Vanity looked into the mirror. There was no one in the room and the servants who came in where blind or had their eyes covered so they wouldn’t become insane of her beauty. But still, the Sin in her slumbered and she wished to be more beautiful then her own reflection in the mirror.

She became so sick of sadness, that no doctor or shaman couldn’t help her. Day by day she fell in a deep dark hole of sadness, while her King stood beside her and looked down on her. His hands always covering his eyes because he did not want to lose the vision he had of her beauty and his wife.

As King Greed, he always wanted everything. But most of all he wanted his wife to be the most beautiful woman in the world. So he went to an old woman in the castle and asked her for advice how he could Queen Vanity help become the most beautiful woman that surpassed her own reflection in the mirror.

The old woman laughed and gave him a bottle, filled with a silver liquid potion. She said that, if he wanted to help his wife, he should do the biggest sacrifice a human being could do. The King looked down upon her, while he listened carefully to what he should do.

In the night of the next full moon, the old woman came to the bed of the Queen and gave her a bottle. The Queen, weak of her sickness, took the bottle and didn’t look at the inside. Used to the many potions already that the doctors gave her, she drunk it in one time.

When she woke up the next morning, she felt more alive then ever. She stood up and looked into the mirror. In the one moment she saw herself, she couldn’t believe her eyes. The queen turned around and called her King, to see the wonder that happened in the night of the full moon. She wanted to show him that her Greedy husband had what he always wanted.

She found him, laying on his bed. His skin was pale and his eyes where closed. The knife, covered in blue blood, was laying on his heart. For a moment, the Queen thought he was asleep. But the second moment, her heart broke. In the last moments she had, she reached her beloved man where she fall death on his body.

The King has what his Greedy heart wanted. A beautiful wife, a Kingdom and the Honor that he gave his life for his wife. The blue royal blood from his veins was now in the body of his Queen, so she could become the most beautiful.

So the Queen surpassed her wish to become more beautiful then her own reflection. There was no soul, how skilled, that could catch her beauty in a painting or a statue.

When the Queen and King where burned together, only their hearts remained in a pile of ash. One was deep blue. Like the depths of the ocean. Or a tear filled with blue diamonds. Surrounding the blue heart, there where shining white shatters. The Kings heart, broken of the sadness of his wife and beloved Queen.

The old woman took the hearts and made an unique symbol of love from it. A circle, never ending but where the love of Vanity and Greed was captured. The blue heart, which she called Sapphire was in the center, surrounded by the many pieces of the broken heart of the King, which she called Zyrkonite.

She called it a ring. And until now, it’s the symbol of true love between two persons. A love that only end when both hearts are buried and burned. When only ash and memories remain of something that was once the most beautiful thing in the world, the feeling that every person wanted to get in his life one day.

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Copyright © 2011 Marina Bychkova.