FiDESSA by Signe

Inspired by the fairytale by dutch writer Louis Couperus (1863-1923).

Girls are a special breed, not always though on the outside and soft within, but sometimes the other way round. Being soft on the outside and though within is something to be cherised. We all deem it neccesary to conceal ourselves behind walls, to don armour. In the end however we are all souls in human skins.

Fidessa is a nymph, a wild unicorn leaves her behind in the world of men. They live in metal skins and behind stone walls, they do not sing or laugh or play but make war. She falls in love however and to fit in, she has to put on armour.

I leave you in the middle of the story. My sketch is my version of Fidessa wearing just bits of armour. I picture her with some unicorn elements. The unicorn has been a symbol of innocence, but also has been named `selfarmed steed`. It heals and surrenders. For me this is the core of the story. To give, heal, surrender to love and not need armour to protect but use it as a outer skin to fit in of express yourself.

Chastity belt by Signe

I hope you like this design as much as I do. I have always had a love for Norse and Celtic Myths. But also the jewellry has captivated me. And my design for a chastity belt is based on the celtic fibula`s or cloak pins as well as swordbelt decorations.

Your contest in mind I designed many dolls in my head. This design I dreamed about. It was one of those weird dream that you cannot remember when you wake up, but comes back to you in flashes as the day goes by. I won`t even try to explain it. I just enjoy the inspiration I got from it and am grateful.

This is the essential accessory for any nude doll if you ask me.

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