by Adriatzin

May 4th, and yesterday, Sorbonne students began protests against the government closure of Universite Paris at Nanterre on May 2nd - the beginning of Mai 1968. Sophie, a philosophy student, was among the protesters, more out of curiosity. Roaming through twilight Paris, she stops outside the steps of Cinematheque Francaise where she’d also been amidst protests since L'Affaire Langlois' inception, to gather her thoughts. Like her favorite actress Anna Karina, her raven hair has carefree bangs and nonchalantly long. She muses self-mockingly about any possible fashionable resemblance to the star. Stylish light black pea coat, red and black plaid pencil skirt, sheer black stockings, black leather ballerines, the exception being she's not wearing a red blouse or sweater but a slightly bohemian white shirt. Maybe she should've added a fedora like Karina in *Bande a part*, jesting to herself. Part Romani(an) from her father's side, she again mocks herself for being a trendy gypsy, although she's a nomad of the mind, part dreamer, part analyst, and precocious. Always carrying a book, two today, Freud's *L'Interpretation des Reves *and Roger Caillois' *Les Jeux et Les Hommes*, she wonders if she'll alight on some illuminating passage randomly flipping to a page.

*I waited until the last minute and didn't have time but to do a rough drawing, and I wish it was closer to what I imagined.*

Attachments: (1) Cinematheque Francaise for possible background
(2) Anna Karina for basic features and ballerine similarity
(3) Jane Birkin for pea coat similarity
(4) *Bande a part* still for more basic features and clothes similarities
(5) *Sophie original drawing*

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