She is all the stories yet to be. Her flesh has begin- nings and endings of stories in so many languages across it, beautiful and intricate. Every person has a wealth of ideas within themselves, and she represents those ideas that are so often never born. Her eyes are closed ,and she imagines the wealth of potential tales that well up within her. What if you can see all of a per- son’s stories just by looking at their flesh? All the creativity that so many people decide not or cannot uti- lize is symbolied with this doll, Unwritten. She has multiple wigs to fit the many ideas she possesses. She is not the muse, but what holds the ideas, a con- tainer of all the tales that might not be.

“And upon her forehead was a name written: MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINA- TIONS OF THE EARTH.” (Revelations 17.5) On her seven- headed Beast the Whore of Babylon drinks her cup of saint’s blood, arriving at the end of days. She sows discontent in the cities of earth. Is she a devil? A revolutionary? The symbol of a tainted great city or false empire? A whore come back to lead the people? A target? Clothed in Purple and Scarlet, The Great Whore holds power, veiled in mystery of her supposedly evil identity in the Bible. As a doll, with the words on her forehead, she will sit, the embodiment of luxury and defiance, gleaming cup of sin in hand. Glistening dark hair will roll down her back against the scarlet clothe as her eyes challenge authority, refusing to be beaten down. Though the Bible may show her as yet an- other harbringer, this doll would show that she is more than yet another evil whore sterotype, but a complex character with goals and motives of her own.

By Susan

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