Oracle or Prophetess by Tammy

I have always been fascinated with prophecy and fortune telling. One of the most tragic stories in my mind is the young girl who was chosen for the oracle in ancient cultures. Often those chosen would be isolated, kept in complete darkness and even some were blinded. The "telling" was contained within the mind's eye of the oracle, outside senses were dulled to the inner voice and light of her visions. How very tragic that this dreamer was revered yet alone, famous with no close friends, and living in the darkness of reality, with the expectation of seeing only internal lights of visions. My oracle is young, alone and just a dreamer, not a visionary. Cast upon the winds of fate, she is chosen, honored and discovers as many do, that the honor isn't enlightening, it's lonely. She's known but never loved for herself. A vessel for the dreams of her petitioners. What would it be like to remember sunshine, rain and flowers and live in darkness?

(Attachments are from a Google search as ideas since these are other's artwork not mine.)

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