Fatal jewel by Tatyana

n the ages of ancient Babylonia, there were three powerful kingdoms, with different culture, traditions and temper. But the thing they had in common was hate, they were competing and fighting with each other, but no country could win the war, because each of them had similar powers and secret weapons. The first country was famous for its buildings, they had good mathematicians, architects, philosophers. The other had good jewelers, artists and was famous for its beautiful women. The last one was famous for black smiths and bad temper. Tired of war and sicking of peace the artist's king offers his beautiful daughter to marry the king of warriors, so he helps them to conquer the last country. The princess was young, pure and very beautiful. She loved bright colors, silk, brocade, embroidery, had long hair, which she liked to keep free, as was her playful character. Her eyes were bright blueish-green as the color of the ocean waves, where she liked to swim naked at sunset. Her skin color was like milk with fresh blushes on cheeks. When she smiled all the world smiled, so lovely were her dimples. On the wedding day, just after the ceremony, the bad news came to the kings, that the third country is on the way to attack them. So that they had to move out directly that night. Not having the first night, the young king was very mad and placed a chastity belt on his new became wife, placed it only he knew where, so that she stays virgin till he comes back. The belt was golden with fine filigree and precious stones. The sad news soon came to the queen...

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