The Apple Seller by Tess

Sitting by the side of the road, she leans against the old, withered apple tree, surrounded by its still-abundant offerings. Passers-by are strongly drawn towards the wild, beautiful woman, though they are often strangely reluctant to taste her wares. But after all, why not? It’s only an apple . . .

My main inspiration for the Apple Seller is the myth of Lilith, who was supposedly Adam’s first mate before Eve was created. There are many different stories about her, but I particularly like the idea that she refused to be subservient to Adam or God, and left Eden of her own volition. Later she came back as the serpent, to offer Eve the apple from the Tree of Knowledge. I like to think that she did this, not in a malicious spirit, but because she had experienced being responsible for her own life, and found that, despite the pain and sorrow that goes along with it, the joy is much fiercer and deeper than any joy that comes from living placidly under someone else’s rule. Knowledge is power and freedom, and that’s what the Apple Seller offers to anyone brave enough to take a bite.

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Copyright © 2011 Marina Bychkova.