Entry 1 by Troy

Columbus never arrived in the Americas. After a failed, last attempt to secure funds from Queen Isabella of Spain, he fades into history. In 1511 Cortez was defeated in Cuba and fled to Spain. Upon his return he was tried for mutiny against Velasquez. Cortez never sets foot in Mexico and the defeat of Spanish forces changes ambitions toward new world exploration.

Amerigo Vespucci made four trips to the southern continent. Montezuma encourages an exchange of knowledge with Vespucci for trade. The Aztecs learned a great deal about the customs, politics and technology from the arrangement. In an unprecedented act, Montezuma decides to share the knowledge with neighboring tribes including the remains of the Mayan Empire. This was the beginning of the Great Awakening.

The growth of the Great Awakening was astounding as it reached and united the tribes of the Northern Continent in less than fifty years. The exchange of knowledge, a common currency and cooperative labor fast tracked an advanced civilization.

The now united tribes included Oglala, Sihasapa and Lakota Sioux as well as the great western tribes. To the north, the Mohawk, Cayuga and Oneida all joined. Even the “Strange Peoples” of the far north joined. They were known to be light of hair and eye and it was said that their fathers were wild gods who arrived in long boats, five generations past.

In 1620 the Wampanoag people, of the Tribes of United Peoples, met the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock.

Three Images

UnitedTribe1, is an image of a young Sioux girl. The combination of Oglala, Oneida and Plains Indian elements in her outfit show the United Tribes theme.

UnitedTribe3, is a color version of UnitedTribe1 to illustrate face colors

UnitedTribe2 is an image of a “Far North People” shaman woman. Her light hair, and blue eyes show the evidence of a Viking colony. Her robe is decorated with runes and the top of her staff is the hammer of Thor.

Other images of Native Americans that I drew from.

Entry 2 by Troy

My second idea has to do with the women of Science. I have always been fascinated by people like Ada Lovelace, Valentina Tereshkova, Marie Curie. I would propose a tribute to these individuals. I tried for a woman in a space suit but that was a disaster! Instead, here is a scientist and other supporting images from the web.

Entry 3 by Troy

My third idea I cannot really explain. I am putting this out there because I just have it in my head. For some reason I think some of her faces tell lies.

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