by Usagihime

Background Story and Set-up Scenery Design


Everyone have two faces; one for the secular reality, and the other which is our true identity. But none of the two could be separated from ourselves.

Scene one: A doll sitting silently with a head in her arms

Scene two: A doll standing behind sheer curtains, holding a knife and head, the other doll holding some flowers and a head in his/her arms. The two dolls stands opposite to each other and looking into each other's eyes.

Requirement: The expression and the face-ups of the doll and the head is required to be in extreme contrast, one of the dolls should have a grabbing hand gesture, and can be holding a knife or bunch of flowers.

The inspiration came from one of the stories in SALOME and recent personal feelings. Due to the limited resources available, only part of the set-up of scenery one was made.

The photograph and the sketches are from scene one; doll wig designed used the 85cm long wig to braid.

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