by Vanda

My idé for a doll is a leather dressed nun with day of the dead face painting. The one in the photos I'm sending is one I made, I'm not selling my doll's ore anything. And she is the first one I made for 11 years. It would be beautiful made in Marina B styled doll.

I think day of the dead and a nun combined are mystery to me.

2)For the contest 2011:(I allready sent an ide for the day of the dead/leather dressed nun) And now I have an ide for a transsexuall doll. (Not transvestite) A male/women. Having had the hormones he/she now has breast but has not yet had surgery he/she still has his/her male genitalia. I don't have a picture for the doll. But I think it is a beautiful ide.

3) And idé no.3 is a doll that has had plastic surgery on one side of her body and platina hair and on the other side she lookes like before the surgery and a brunett.

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