by Veronica

The doll is inspired by the history of Saint Lucia, and his martyrdom, which tore his eyes. This for me is the ability to see beyond appearances, to the blinding idea of beauty that Plato sought. For this the eyes are silver, because the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

The name originates from light, and she is the protector of the eyes.

In Dante's Divine Comedy is described as or the holy eyes shining, or beautiful eyes like a light that enters. I painted the doll meant to represent the disturbing and seductive beauty of the young saint, I've imagined with the freckles, the long flowing hair blond and curly, with a branch from which bud eyes tattooed in red on his chest (the tattoo is not seen well in the picture, I made a sketch below), silver eyes like aoreola watermarked too. The painting is mixed media: acrylic, crayons, markers and pastels on paper by dusting.

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