The horse goddess Epona by Vicky

Epona was the protector of horses and was worshiped by people whose primary job function or livelihood depended on horses, she was worshiped throughout entire Gaul, and as far as the Danube and Rome. Horses are such a part of her, that she is never depicted without them. She is always shown either standing beside a horse or multiple horses, or is riding sidesaddle.

I have loved horses my entire life and have always owned one of these magnificent animals that allow us to experience their power and speed upon their strong backs whether it be riding like the wind along the beach or ambling along the trail on a beautiful fall ride or just admiring them doing what they do best, just being beautiful! I would love it if you could honour the horse in one of your dolls... I am not an artist so please forgive my not submitting artwork! But I have an idea of one of your beautiful dolls with long black hair and wearing an intricate pewter headress designed in the shape of an elegant horse, and across her back a celtic inspired tattoo of the horse.

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