Entry 1 by Wang

My design inspiration comes from magnolia, she is ancient Chinese female hero for his father, because the army and beat the north is famous for the invasion of the nation. Hua mu LAN from practice horseback riding, along with the increase of age technology also unceasingly is exquisite. At that time are catching up with the emperor recruiting, her father also list, and village many young people in the conscription. Her father because aged sick and can't do the job. Mulan disguised as men and women, in market to horse matchs good saddle, for his father on standby. Against to the Yellow River and walked on, over the tall Montenegro, fight against the enemy galloping across the battlefield twelve years, often win. Visible man can do woman may not make for, I saw mulan after the army will be more believe this truth. For thousands of years, mulan is always by Chinese respect a female, because she and brave and simplicity, so I really like mulan, with her as the prototype, designed the doll baby.

In my imagination she should wear armor, sword in his hand, jean dye-in-the-wood but didn't have the lack of female soft side. Armor is designed by me again, protective suits lining with cowhide make, outer for bamboo piece into the nail, sleeve design protective of rhombic metal rivets, nail in turn connects to like scales is same, sharp arrows also could not penetrate and armor still has the characteristics of activities, flexible made up be very delicate. Hope you can like my design, thank you.

Entry 2 by Wang

My design inspiration comes from cleopatra, cleopatra namely curly Mr Peja torsten pull vii ptolemaic dynasty is in ancient Egyptian last Egyptian pharaoh, someone says, cleo Petra is "the Nile river of temptress", is "the Nile flowers; snake" Someone says, cleo Petra is the world all poets mistress, is all the world revelers mistress, The Romans for she hated unceasingly, because she almost letting roma into Egypt a provinces; The egyptians bless her valiant men, because she is weak Egypt won 22 years of peace.

In my imagination she has brilliant beauty and decorated in gold jewelry, and have the luxury of the hawk wrings symbolizes her towering rights and position, and the lion as her escort, accompanied by her side, in my mind should she is beautiful and sexy, so I was designed for her gold chain adornment also has the bikini styles of dress, and is accompanied by a state of purple and orange tunic, optional and not messy surrounding her lithe and graceful body appearance. For her hair design, I imagine her hair and the golden cord wire prepare together, overall by innumerable small plait combination but become, and with a beautiful gold ornaments, in her face mapped the snake tooth pattern in her eyelid mapped the small crystal, this would seem to be her very touching mingyan. Hope you can like my design, thank you.

Entry 3 by Wang

My design inspiration comes from opera actress, Peking Opera actress is the Chinese traditional opera feet color profession. For young female image, disposition lively or provocative, often with a comedy colour.

I designed by opening the tire is butterfly wings stimulate inspiration deformation, and it was full of wonderful compose pearls, crystal beads and flower, opening the hand is the traditional Chinese paper fan, and I on the flowers and butterflies design pattern. I in her shoulders design in a frame, frame is pulled on shoulder on ancient Chinese costumes, big brought DuiJin is its features, so called again DuiJin gown. I want to add frame will look very beautiful showily. I also have designed for her ShuiXiu, above with waves and flower pattern. I have been for her in the groin designed with tassel hanging decoration skirts and former place, in girth for she was designed by peacock feather shape deformation of waist is sealed and waist cloth paste. Opening the side that China is indicative riches and honour peony, this would seem to be her exceptionally pure and fresh. Hope you can like my design, thank you.

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