by Yana V.

The doll I imagine is a demon, but not an evil one: it is a beautiful soul, posessed and captured by some dark and ancient force, more ancient than any religion in the world. I can see her big dark eyes reflecting the knowledge of her fate and of the world's sad future. Forced to cause human grief and misery she however suffers greatly from the concequences of her deeds.

I imagine her nude and white, looking almost androgenous like an angel, with pale transparent skin, wearing chains and a big headpiece - a heavy embossed crown with horns and ancient symbols.

This concept was greatly influenced by Michail Vrubel's depictions of angels & demons, I'm sure you know them. The second influence was, strange as it may seem, was a concept art featured in loading pauses in a computer game "Disciples III Renaissance". Here it is. This one is quite agressive and too evil :) But gave me an idea of a metal headpiece.

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