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I’ve been working on completing my image of Daphne. She is almost ready. Seeing how she was a stalking victim who tried to evade her stalker Apollo, I decided to give her a disguise. A beautiful disguise!


And remember how I told you that Daphne was going to have a new metal accessory? Well, ta-da!


See where I’m going with this?

These are only wax models. Just wait til you see the casts. Not long now, but in the meantime you’ll have to guess which one of these masks the lovely Daphne is going to be waring in her final costume: Nose or no-nose. Who knows, it might even sway my decision.

IMG_2820 (1)

Let the guessing game commence!

70 Responses

  1. Pixelskaya says:

    I hope it’s the Plague Doctor mask!! It’s so beautiful!!

  2. Eva says:


    She’s stunning and either of the masks will be amazing on her. <3

  3. JugendMoth says:

    Outstanding, Marina! As always! I love nose mask, but its all depends. how good it will look on her.

  4. Giulia says:

    Hi I’m from Venice Italy and I make masks too for human. Usually the one with big long nose are for man (this is not the plegue doctor, the one You made is a long nose from commedy) So I think the best will be the no nose ;-)

  5. Sailor Orbit says:

    No nose! Though with the nose it looks more like she’s trying to hide herself. But the no nose looks very elegant and feminine.

  6. Jayne Wourms says:

    Definitely worth the wait!! Her accessories are absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!

  7. Crystal says:

    I think no nose will be better. That way she will be beautiful either way, though with a stalker, it’s best not to look attractive.

  8. Anthony says:

    GLORIOUS!!!!! Seriously who could have guessed this would have been the accessory? A mask to hide her true identity from her stalker!!!! Marina you evil genius you, how do come up with these ideas? Just genius!!!!! I can not wait to see Daphne in all her glory once she’s finally been complete…. The accessories, idea and the glorious Daphne herself are already so absolutely magnificent <3 GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS I say!!! I love that cloak too it is a work of art all on it's own. I adore the long nosed mask, but I must agree the no nose mask is so feminine and delicate and compliments the cloak perfectly… Either will be amazing on Daphne though… Ohhh how I love this doll, with each and every new glimpse of her I fall deeper and deeper in love <3

  9. Yolanda Chiu says:

    so pretty!I love the nose mask!

  10. Cjoy says:

    Beautiful! I think the nose mask would offer more of a disguise. It could stand alone as a work of art.

  11. Merri says:

    Beautiful profile picture and the cloak looks amazing. I’d really like to see the masks on Daphne before I could choose a favourite….hint…hint… :)

  12. Sabrina says:

    I vote no nose!

  13. Jayne Wourms says:

    Oh, I forgot to vote, no nose. I think the nose mask is too male for this lovely creature, but saying that, no better disguise!

  14. Orangey says:

    Please let us see her with both, whichever you choose! I’m torn between them! Her white, crystal cloak looks stunning!

  15. Miriam says:

    No nose, I hope! If she turned herself into a bird in the myth, I would’ve picked the nose one. =]

  16. Sara says:


    I vote NO nose. It confuses Greek mythology with Italian Venetian opera for me which takes away from the beauty and era of the name.

  17. Marina says:

    Think outside the box. No reason why myths can’t intersect in certain points.

    It will make more sense soon.

  18. Cloudy says:

    Oh the nose mask! how divine!

  19. Will wait for the finished Daphne and then, it probably will make more sense. Can’t really choose, yet. But the cloak is beautiful. I love the fine beadwork!

  20. Bertha says:

    Never expected her to be so beautiful and an extra mask how mystery! I really love the headdress!

  21. Kirsten says:

    As much as I love the plague doctor mask, I do not think it fits Daphne’s character. No nose!

  22. jacci says:

    I think with the nose. it all reminds me of the ballroom scene in the movie The Labyrinth. with all the costumes and the girl trying to evade the Goblin King (David Bowie-good movie from my childhood)

  23. Niiv says:

    Beautiful! I am excited to see more of the cloak. I vote NO nose, I am just in love with that mask!

  24. Sylvia says:

    no-nose fits much better.
    I think the plague doctors Mask always or rather usually symbolizes mysterious strength, it’s more fitted for a “Jester” who acts unexpectedly to change the tables in her favor (and win the game.

  25. Lua Clara says:

    waou! the details!!! I loooove your work!

  26. Crystal says:

    I just realized it could be a bird beak! In that case, I like it!

  27. platen says:

    The Venetian design of the masks overrides the Greek element; it is so intricately decorative.

  28. platen says:

    But I think she is beginning to inhabit her own story…

  29. jacci says:

    i know the myth, but maybe in a different twist, instead of becoming a tree, what if she became a bird, hence the “nose” could be a beak? so she could fly away from him, and maybe then transform back to her nymph-self. maybe the mask has the power to do that, sort of like an invisible cape, like the one she is wearing.

    is that enough outside the box ;)

  30. jacci says:

    Crystal, I didn’t even see your comment, guess we’re thinking kinda the same. ;)

  31. Anthony says:

    Jacci that sounds AMAZING!!!! I like this story so much better^^ Sort of like Marina vision of Anna Karenina.

    I love the masquerade element you’ve presented Marina and now the more I think about it the more I LOVE the nosed version…. I mean though the no nose version is delicate and more feminine the nose version acts as more of a disguise for a woman desperate to escape her stalker, and let’s face it, we are all suckers for a happy ending. Having a magical cloak and mask so she can shape shift into a bird whenever she’d like is so much better then turning forever into a tree and then having the man that forced you into it wear your leaves around his head forever.

  32. jacci says:

    exactly, why be rooted to the earth when you can soar above?

  33. Jayne Wourms says:

    Okay Jacci, I am convinced. NOSE! I think the nose mask is so cool anyway, if she were my doll I would love to have it.

  34. Sylvia Leticia says:

    Both are *Lovely*

    But somehow ‘Nose* seems Unique
    and more Mysterious!!

    Warm Gretings :-}

  35. The nosed mask, fits the story behind Daphne, very well. A disguise will, save her!

  36. Astera says:

    I love how you always surprise us! This take on the myth is intriguing and give us hope for poor Daphne. She might have an escape, after all, that does not imply being imprisoned within the bark of a tree and rooted forever in one spot (let alone give her leaves to Apollo anyways so he can adorn his divine hair….). :)

  37. Valentina says:

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  38. Marina says:

    I like the way this game is going.

  39. Valentina says:

    I’d made ??a mask-tree (with your talent I think you can do it nice and easy), she will eventually become just a tree. And vote for the mask with a spout.

  40. ???? says:

    ????? ??? ? ?????. ??? ???? ? ????????????? ??????? ?????? ? ???? ???????? ???? ??????.??? ??? ?? ??????????? ??? ? ?????? ? ??????? ?? ???????? ???????. ????? ??????????? ???????? ? ????? ? ??? ???? ???????? ?????? ?? ??? ?????? ????????? ? ??? ??????? ????

  41. jacci says:

    hmmm, maybe the beak mask turns her into a bird, and the laurel mask can turn her into a tree and she can just keep Apollo guessing. and the cloak keeps her nymph form, like the selkies and their seal skins.

  42. Natalia says:

    no nose. but it seems to me you will choose the opposite one

  43. Binnur says:

    I will go against popular opinion and say I prefer the mask with the nose because it makes a more powerful statement, is a better disguise for someone in hiding and is a great juxtaposition against the softness of the cape and beauty of the doll. It will give the whole package a bit of an edge…But, why not include both? After all a pretty girl in hiding from a unwelcome stalking needs all the help she can get…It might delay the inevitable a bit.

  44. jacci says:

    Marina you said myths can intersect, could the bird beak mask transform her, but have a tragic end like Icarus, and maybe Daphne flies too close to the sun and Apollo gets her anyway, and instead of laurel leaves, he wears feathers in his hair? or both. maybe the cape symbolizes the sun, with its bright crystals like rays, and she just can’t escape either way. you rarely make things easy as a happily ever after, as much as we would like that.

  45. jacci says:

    I’m gonna go a step further and say that not only is the cape decorated with sunbursts, but if she flies too close to the sun, perhaps the cape is her wings? this is too much fun, I’m sorry. ;)

  46. Phoenix says:

    I like the no-nose more but the nose-mask is definately more useful for hiding or transforming ;-)
    By the way Marina: I LOVE how you involve us fans with the art you are creating :-)
    I love the idea of changing Daphnes fate!!! Why not? It would be suitable for such a unique creature ;-)

  47. Marina says:

    On the contrary, Jacci (and everybody else), I’m loving all the different theories and interpretations being put forth. It allows me to consider my work from various angles which I may not have considered before.

    Feels like I’m in a storyboarding meeting for a movie screenplay.

    But what I like most, is that you guys are creating alternative story lines for this doll to exist in, adding new facets to her character.

    It’s fantastic. Keep ’em coming!

  48. jacci says:

    I can’t help comparing this myth of stalking with Persephone’s story of abduction. both ended up with fates they didn’t want. what if this becomes a lighter side of that myth, and Daphne is lucky enough to escape?

    Marina you might have to do Persephone’s story next ;)

  49. Lizzy says:

    While the idea of Daphne becoming a bird and flying away is empowering, in this case, Apollo can still find her in the sky. Like so many women in a real-world stalking scenario, there is no true escape from their tormentor because the power dynamic is so out of balance. Daphne becoming a tree is a sign of her agency as a woman to take control, but taking control meant sacrificing who she was. Daphne is both a heroine and a tragic character at once. I am curious to see which side of the coin you emphasize, Marina.

  50. Crystal says:

    Her profile is sublime.

  51. Anthony says:

    Lizzy you are completely right. But what if Daphne actually fights back? What if their is more to Daphne’s magnificent disguise then meets the eye? What if the beak or nose of Daphne’s mask is actually an ancient weapon thought to be only legend even by the gods themselves? The one and only weapon that can actually kill an immoral, the weapon Daphne constructed into the mask so it will go unnoticed?…. Ohhh this is just too much fun.

    Crystal I cannot get enough of Daphne’s profile!!! Especially in that cloak!!! She looks so regal, majestic and determined…. This doll truly is EVERYTHING. Such perfection.

  52. jacci says:

    that’d be great, if Daphne were to fight back and escape.

    oh! what if she becomes a phoenix? a bird of the sun, well, ok fire itself, but still. that’s what the sun is.

    what if she consumed Apollo with his own flame and that was the weapon she used against him? to escape. that’d be cool.

    I’m totally getting carried away with the bird thing, I know she’s a tree nymph, but its just too much fun to speculate.

  53. Phoenix says:

    Well, if we can play with Daphne’s story then I will add my two Cents too…
    I think Daphnes Cloak will make her invisible and the mask with the nose can transform her into a WHITE Phoenix :-)

    As a white Phoenix she can control fire that is white-blue (connection to her tattoos in that color).

    And because the fighter in me has to come out too: This kind of fire can even keep a god at bay and because of that Daphne can turn the table around!
    From a victim to a woman that can defend her freedom and kicks Apollos butt ;-)

    I always had a thing for female warriors (f.e. Sailor Moon) so I would like to see Daphne like that :-)
    But hey that is just my opinion -.-

    @ jacci: Aaaaahhhh, yesss!!! A phoenix was in my mind too but a white one as stated above ;-)

  54. platen says:

    There are some intricate novel plot lines developing!! Wouldn’t the Venetian masquerade make a good device for time-shifting in a film?
    Perhaps we need a closer look at Apollo sometime soon, Marina? Although closer looks normally came with a penalty in the myth, like poor Cassandra, so maybe not!

  55. Sylvia says:

    I like the idea some people had about transformation and the cape as wings.

    If i may take that to form my own version of an alternative end:

    Daphne tricks Apollo. Her body is turned into a Laurel tree by her father, as happens in the original myth, but she also asks him for another favor. She asks him to set her soul free, so she can be reborn as a bird and escape Apollo once and for all into a new life.

    The beaked Mask and Cape symbolize her magical transformation into a bird and the engraved floral motifs on her body are an eternal token from her old life as a Nymph, so she can never forget what she left behind.

    In my opinion this version preserves the emotional atmosphere of the original Myth, yet leaves Daphne with a happier perspective for her future.

    I’m really curious on what you have in mind Marina.

  56. jacci says:

    Sylvia I love that idea, and Phoenix, what a cool idea, a white phoenix that controls her element.

    I love the story of Cassandra. I love Marion Zimmer-Bradley’s version, Firebrand.

    this is sooo much fun, to hear everyone’s ideas, Marina, what are you gonna do? ;) besides surprise us all as always.

  57. Christine Bourassa says:

    Loving the mask with birds nose……

  58. Christianne says:

    Would love to see how both mask look on her..

  59. Astera says:

    I like the idea of a Daphne that can fight back…in which case, since Apollo’s symbol is a snake, a bird with a nice pointed beak, such as a heron, would have good chances. Gods cannot be killed by mortal or lesser beings, but they can be sent an strong clear message: “You better leave me alone!”.
    Then again maybe Apollo would loose interest, once she takes the shape of a bird and a physical confrontation could be avoided completely….

  60. Nyxy says:

    They are beautiful! Would you ever make the masks for sale? They are so beautiful… They would make amazing pendents. I think perhaps the noseless one for Daphne. The one with the nose would be great for a character like Cornix who has a similar story but was turned into a crow. She was being chased by Neptune so her story is a Roman myth, and not Greek but this does seem to be an unpleasantly common theme.

  61. Amal says:

    I love everyone’s stories! I know very very little about mythology, so my thoughts are a bit divorced from the original theme. And although this Daphne does look strong, sometimes there is strength in not escaping. There must be so many women that can’t escape and show strength through their sacrifices…

    So maybe, Daphne doesn’t escape and she bears Apollo a child, a daughter. And this daughter is just as beautiful as her mother and she is given the same name …and thereby the same fate. Her mother tries to protect her and is turned into a tree as punishment (like in nightmares when you can’t move), but she tells her daughter to flee and gives her the disguise as a bird so that she can return to visit the tree and be close to her mother in secret.

    I vote nose!

  62. jacci says:

    the Oracle of Delphi was a shrine dedicated to Apollo, seeing as he was also a god who valued the truth to a high degree. I wonder now if she will go into hiding as a Priestess Oracle for Apollo to avoid him. like, hiding in plain sight and the masks and cloak will be her disguise.

  63. sunshinejade says:

    Beautiful Daphne needs the mask without the nose.

  64. MissLK says:

    When I first saw the photo of Daphne, there was something androgynous in her expression so she actually reminded me another story in Ovid’s myth, the Hermaphordite which was the reverse, a handsome young boy stalked by a lustful nymph and the two became unified.

    Therefore I like both masks. Daphne will seduce Apollo and then abandon him with interchanging genders :)

  65. Crystal says:

    Honestly, I don’t even think there are 2 masks! I think we see the mask before the nose is added and then a picture of it added. She will most certainly have a nosed mask in this auction! It’s elementary my dear Watson!

  66. Christianne says:

    I was thinking and seeing the same thing but did not want to say anything…..cause the two mask are the same….but who knows……

  67. Maia says:

    Gorgeous! Oh, and the nosed version, OH MY GOD. Stunning. Beautiful. Talk about eye candy. I love it.

  68. Dani says:

    Beautiful! I prefer the one with the nose as I think it is more unique and beautiful. I can’t wait to see her completed.

  69. Sara says:

    I am still stuck against the Venetian nose mask. MissLK brings an interesting point which touches on another reason why I initially also prefer no- nose. The long opera nose is a phallic symbol to represent the character’s ego during the play. Masks had differently shaped (and sized!) noses. Daphne just seems so sweet and feminine. However, in light of MissLK’s comment, the mixing of genders makes this a bit intriguing.

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