Deciding on Enchanted Doll Book cover.

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As some of you know, I’m working on my first solo book. Over the last few months I’ve been slowly putting the content together, but because I’m so busy making dolls, I can’t seem to find enough time for writing a book about them. And I keep thinking that I should wait until I finish this doll or that doll so that I can include it in the book. I should just finalise what I have alreay and stop waiting for more dolls.

I’m also agonizing over the cover. There are just so many photographs I could use that I can’t decide on any single one. I suppose that as I make more dolls in the near future, there would be more and better photographs to use for a cover image. And here I go again.

I would welcome any suggestions from Enchanted Doll fans.

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  1. Cay says:

    Hi Marina. First of all, let me say to you that your new dolls are very nicer them some than the others. In every new model, your art wins in delicacy and in subtlety. And I understand your hesitancy as for the coverage of your book.I think that the photograph of Cinderella with the wind in hair would be perfect… But I can’t be objective: I love it! Courage for all that you have to make.

  2. bi says:

    I think that for a cover, you need something more on the “general” lines, like just the shot of a face or a plain nude body which don’t show a particular theme. I personally would love a cover that give a “work in progress” feeling, as you’ll be talking about doll-making, an artistic picture of what’s on your desk when you work would be very fitting. Just is my two cents :)

  3. noxy says:

    Maybe you could pull up all your “possible” cover arts, then have the forum peeps pick their fave and why? Sometimes it helps to have a second opinion… and a 27th opinion…

  4. Lumina says:

    I think also that picture that feel like work in progress (or just finished thats one of ruby) :)

  5. annina says:

    i have always loved this phot of you and echo, it’s so deep and i think it is still very beautiful!
    i also like bi’s idea of having a photo of your desk, “work in progress”. for this idea, have you ever seen audrey kawasaki’s work? she participated in an exhibition that was themed “working space” i think and each artist exhibited a corner that was designed like their working space with some finished works and some unfinished ones. looking for the link… here it is:
    (check all of the five first pictures in that gallery)
    maybe that could be an inspiration!
    i also like noxy’s idea of compiling a list then letting the forum people vote, it doesn’t have to be to decide 100%, it would just show you what people think.

  6. tasha says:

    You could make the cover a drawing of your dolls or one in a pose by some some scenery instead of just a photo picture.

  7. Melissa says:

    Maybe it could be a picture of your very first Enchanted Doll ^_^

  8. jose luis says:

    Marina a mi me encantaria ver una portada con las enchanted en un escenario totalmente diferente a lo que has hecho… pero a la vez todas interactuando… como una reunion enchanted jejeje seria maravilloso…

    de cualquier modo te deseo lo mejor… eres grande sigue asi

  9. jose luis says:

    seria genial ver a las enchanted en un escenario completamente diferente a todo lo que has hecho, pero a la vez interactuando… a mi eso me fascinaria… seria un plus mas a todo eso maravilloso que tu haces eres grande Marinaaaaaa

  10. Kimmi says:

    I think it would help us decide if we had an idea of what kind of picture you’re looking for.

    If you want a picture of one of your dolls looking absolutely ravishing and captivating, then I think most of us would agree on the one with Cinderella and the wind in her hair.

    If you’re looking for a more “work in progress” thing, I think maybe one of the dolls sitting on molds, or something. Maybe the one showing the doll torso sitting, with her palms up? I can’t find it at the moment but it’s somewhere on here…

    Or you could just take a bunch of your doll faces and put them all next to each other in a big square like the brady bunch.

    Or that picture with all your nudes together! I like that one a lot.

    Like you, I’m way too indecisive…. :)

  11. Marina says:

    Although the work in progress is not a bad idea, but not the first solo book cover material as it’s not particularly glamorous.

    I’m going for a high impact, powerful image on the cover. Something that will blow those unfamiliar with Enchanted Doll away at first sight or at least intrigue them enough to want to read it.

    I will definitely put the work in progress shots in the book, just not on the cover.

  12. Agree with Noxy, a poll might be a good idea!

    There are so many great images of EDs it sure must be hard to choose just one, but I think one of the ladies on a neutral, dark background should work. An image that shows more than just the face, too.

    As for trying to include all the new dolls in the book… Don’t worry, you can always include them in the SECOND volume if they don’t make it into the first ;)

    Also, is there a waiting list you can put your name on for the BOOK ? I would really love a copy and don’t want to miss it!


    Some of my favourites; I would also test the impact of those images (or any potential winners) on people who are not so familiar with them. We, addicts, see them differently.

    Good luck with that difficult task and everything else, too.

  14. Shiny says:

    Maybe several of the dolls in a replication of some familiar painting. Like using several dolls to recreated Botticelli’s “the Birth of Venus” or Hathar as Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” or Venetian as Waterhouses “The Lady of Shallott”. Oh! Or Millais’ verison of “Ophelia” or Waterhouse’s “Circe” would be really good too! Ok, I’m stopping there before I get carried away.

  15. chrissy says:

    I think its best to go with the image of Ruby with her hands on her face, you know the one that you use as the insignia for Enchanted Doll. I think it would fit perfectly.

  16. Amal (aneemal) says:

    My favourites are:

    1. The doll lying next to the ruler
    2. Ruby sitting on top of her moulds

    (Sorry I can’t get links because I’m at work and they’ve blocked access to flickr! bleugh!)

    My honest opinion is that I think these are more intriguing than the more ‘glamourous’ shots.

  17. Ruth says:

    For the book cover, I’d vote for a shot that reveals the scale of the dolls in some way. When I saw them in person, I was expecting them to be very beautiful, but it was in seeing their real size that they startled and amazed me.

  18. Malva says:

    WoW! ED book! About the cover, I really like photos of Cinderella but I think you should choose picture that shows body and its fragile beauty. It is only my opinion of course. I really like this picture But if you want to select one of pictures of costumed dolls it should be one with Cinderella on it.

  19. Cyriaque-L says:

    No so easy to take time to write a book. I started one few months ago but I am so busy creating Teddy Bears that I simply cannot finish it. Like you do I try to finish it after finishing a Teddy…But as I always have to start a new one…Anyway, I am looking forward to reading your firts book as I wish to discover more and more about your wondeful dolls.

  20. Blu says:

    I think an interesting idea would be a depiction of one of your dolls by Audrey Kawasaki

  21. greta says:

    I’m sooo incredibly excited for your book. My mother and love to look at your incredible dolls together. We’re so buying it!

    As for the cover, I have no idea. Maybe a piece that celebrates your metamorphasis as an artist or a deep personal piece. :) I cant wait to see it

    edit- just read the posts. Mmmm…this is so hard i love all your dolls

  22. Susan says:

    Oh yes. Please publish a book. Your dolls are gorgeous. I love looking at them and even if I can ever save up and manage to own one, it will still only be one ( how could I even choose just one? ). I would love to be able to carry pictures around with me to imprint in my mind. Tiny little magazine articles are unfufilling and the internet is unwieldy.

  23. Crystal says:

    I think the one with Emerald in that fur is so stunningly eye-catching it would make people stop and pick the book up!

  24. yani says:

    Personally, I saw the post about the cover, then scrolled down and saw the photo of Emerald directly under that post standing there with her fur and her high heels and thought “That’s her cover right there!”… beautiful and eyecatching (especially as from a distance she’ll look like a flesh and blood woman and would definitely make people take a closer look)… and she’s just so damn stylish!

  25. Gertie says:

    44h7Yy Touchdown! That’s a really cool way of putting it!

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