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Enchanted Doll Studios

This is one of my work desks. Yup, I have several. All identical. But this is the primary one.

I took this a couple of nights ago when i was in the midst of doing some metal work. I was cleaning up some new silver castings for my present one of a kind, costumed doll project. It’s near completion.

I try to keep my work area as clean as possible because physical mess on my desk actually manifests into a creative mess in my head. So, when i get frustrated over something or can’t seem to get past a certain point in a project, I usually start tiding up and rearranging my studio space to improve its efficiency. And it works like magic to refresh my head and help me problem-solve. I seem to see things more clearly and solve all my hardest creative dilemmas at a clear desk.

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  1. Biscuitbear says:

    Very interesting! I wish I could look over your shoulder while you’re working!

  2. twigling says:

    That looks pretty tidy to me.. guess it’s time I clean up my spaces again as well;)

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