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I had made this sketch around the same time last year. At the time, the Lantern pendant hadn’t yet materialized and was in the early working stages. After I drew this and saw how cool it would look, I began to work on it aggressively and completed it two months later. It’s nice to look back and see concepts, longings and dreams realized. I haven’t made this doll yet, but I will, I will.

Should I include this sketch into the next edition of the Enchanted Doll book?

Also: Attention birthday contestants! This is a modification to the mailing rules:
You may mail your cards in envelopes if you have concerns that cards might go missing in the mail. They won’t be disqualified.

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  1. Well yes, I do hope somewhere in your world of dreams you will one day produce a fairy tale Enchanted book……

  2. Hazel says:

    Lovely! Looks like a combination of the Manchu Echo’s headdress and the lantern. :D

    I’m sure all your fans will agree: Just put everything in the book.

  3. Sailor_Orbit says:

    Is it one of the Echo’s you executed? or the lantern you mean you executed? which one was the one you created in 2 months? Yea I would love to see more of your works, different books with different work.

  4. Marina says:

    The lantern project took two, almost 3 months to see from start to finish.
    The doll in the sketch hasn’t been made yet, although, I did make a somewhat similar head dress for the Echo #3.

  5. Jayne Wourms says:

    Yes, you should definitely include it in the next edition of the book! It is so lovely!! I love the fringe around the doll’s face too.

  6. Merri says:

    Oh wow! I love this sketch and you absolutely must make this doll…..I insist! :)

  7. allurose says:

    Oh, please do make this doll! My favorite dolls that you have made are the ones in this style, like Cixi and the new Echos. So lovely!
    Love your work.

  8. Mai says:

    This doll must exist!! I adore everything about her, from her girlish bangs, the echo-esque headpiece and marvelous lanterns, to the almost violet eyes and ruby lips. She will be utterly striking.

  9. Sailor_Orbit says:

    I love her headdress and hairstyle. It would be a lovely doll to see come to life.

  10. noxy says:

    This doll looks gorgeous! I hope to see her in porcelain soon. :)

    Also, I’m glad for the update on the rules for the contest. I of course will be entering and with paranoid me, was also figuring my post card would probably get lost, especially since I’ve lost post cards before.

  11. I think it’s a good update – I spent almost two years in Hungary and their postal service is famously corrupt. They open envelopes and peel stuff off cards and packages go missing regularly. It’s part of it, you mail something ONLY if you’re not against the thought of it going missing.

    This doll looks wonderful – her expression is a tinge between sadness and arrogance, a pout quivering on her lush lips yet defiant eyes glowing with fire. I like her!

  12. The Old Maid says:

    I LOVE your imagination Marina! Beautiful!
    Last time you’ve shown your travel-post-card and I saw Warsaw there. Hope you liked our capital and had a bit of time to see it?

  13. jacci says:

    i agree with Hazel, as soon as i saw the sketch i thought of the headpiece of Echo Manchu’s. but i think the lanturns, which i love, look a little big on the already wide headpiece. are you gonna stick with the regular sized lanturns if you do this doll,or would you make them smaller? i remember you said it was a difficult design to work out so i would guess changing the size is more work. but i think little delicate lanturns would be lovely.

  14. Niiv says:

    I think the cross between Manchu-Echo’s headdress and the lantern headdress is great! One sketch, two ideas realized ;)
    Personally I find this girl very beautiful. She’s a little different with those stark short bangs and I love her bindi and make-up.
    And I too agree with Hazel – everything into the book! :D
    And the news about sending postcards is great. Thank you for allowing envelopes.

  15. Swdolls says:

    Western style Manchu headdress.

  16. Bertha says:

    The sketch already look so nice, can’t imagine when it come to real!

  17. Sylvia Leticia says:

    Of course You should!!! Everything starts in the mind… and this Lovely Drawing show the Beauty of your Enchanted Dolls :-} *Warm Greetings*

  18. Taiwanese says:

    This is a drama, and the background of China in the Qing Dynasty, which the concubines to wear clothes, jewelery and headdress.

    This give you a reference.

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