Doll Preservation

If you are reasonably careful while playing with your doll it will easily outlive you.

How to play with the Nude doll properly:
Pose it, bend and move its body without force
Hold it gently and move the limbs in their sockets carefully in the direction of the slits
To clean it, wipe with water or any household, cleaning agent
Braid, brush, wash or even dye its hair
Dress and undress it carefully


Dropping the doll
Submerging doll in water
Forcing the joints to move in the way they were not intended
Pulling the joints out of their sockets-it loosens spring tension.
Handling it roughly
Taking the doll apart


If the doll does sustain damage to its body (not the head), I offer a free repair service for up to 10 body parts. You will only be charged shipping and the cost of raw materials required for repair at a rate of  $5.00 CND per part.  IF a head breaks, which is unlikely, a fee of $150 CND is applicable.

Due to a complex stringing procedure you must mail the doll back to me for inspection and repair. I cannot ship you new body parts for you to disassemble and reassemble the doll at home. A set of special tools, good knowledge of Enchanted doll anatomy and a great deal of practice are required for a successful dismantling and reassembling of the doll.

So, should something ever happen to your doll, which it shouldn’t if you follow the instructions on handling it, no need to worry, just mail it back to me-I can make it look brand new again.