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The Dragonspace show is just a couple days away (opening on Saturday February 6th at Dragonspace on Granville Island in Vancouver), and I’m putting all the final details together.  The venue isn’t a traditional gallery, not in the sense that it shows non-tradtional art, but in that it isn’t a gallery at all.  As stated previously it’s primarily a retail space, and as such there isn’t room for any kind of an opening gala.

Besides, I not the biggest socialite but more of a one on one person. I get so uncomfortable at show openings that I tend to sneak away quietly and hide from the crowd. Or, develop a split personality disorder and begin to act weird around people-not like myself. During the last show opening I attended, I spent one and a half hours hiding in a bathroom stall. Just sitting there and thinking through a new thigh joint mechanism.

For those that are planning to come see the dolls and wish to meet up for tea or lunch. I will be available to meet on the island.  Granville Island is full of great places to sit with a coffee and talk, so send me an email at inquiries@enchanteddoll.com with “Dragonspace” somewhere in the subject and we’ll set something up.  If possible we can try and orchestrate something where a handful of us get together.

I’m working on a list of dolls that will be available for sale. It’s not a long list. Sorry. I did what I could given the time frame.

Dragonspace’s address:

6-1551 Johnston Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9, Canada

(604) 689-8931

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(for anyone curious, In the photo I’m wearing a “Teddybear loves Teddyboy” T-shirt from Threadless.com)

38 Responses

  1. Eiko says:

    That’s such a cute photo of you holding Noire.

    Could you give us any details on which dolls will be available and how much that they would cost? I’m sure that a lot of people would love to know.

  2. kelly says:

    I would buy that Noire in your hands in a heartbeat, if I could only get my hands on her and money in your hands! She’s perfect!

  3. Marina says:

    That one is my Noir. My own, my prrrecious.

  4. kelly says:

    I’ll trade you for a juicy fish…

    I appreciate how you feel about being around people at show openings, I would probably hide in a bathroom stall too. I’m not good with people face to face if I am required to talk.

  5. Jayne says:

    I sooo wish I could come to the show.
    I’m still intent (with Monika) to get you here to OZ.
    By the way, there’s nothing wrong with toilet stalls, they’re a great place to think :)
    Have a great time and good luck.

    Jayne xx

  6. I’m so thrilled for you, and I LOVE the shot of you with your Noire.. such an adorable pose – cute earrings too… you’re quite ‘hip’ here… :-)

    I am soo interested to see the beautiful creatures you’ve been working on…. I hope we get to see many photographs!!

  7. Hazel says:

    I’m excited about the Dragonspace show, even if I shall not be coming! :]

    Can’t wait to hear how it goes. I hope it will be a huge success!

  8. Kari says:

    I’ll miss the opening due to work, but I will definately see it on the Monday or Tuesday!

  9. daniseyu says:


  10. noxy says:

    *note to self… always check bathrooms…*

    Wish I could be there! Can’t WAIT to see photos!

  11. Alexandra says:

    Marina, you have very beautiful hands!

  12. Amal says:

    I used to hide in the toilets before ballet class…

    Marina, if your flat (God forbid) fell to the ground and you could only save one doll – which one would it be???

  13. Marina says:

    Echo, hands down. I would save Echo.
    I’m usually not the one to play with my dolls, but sometimes when Chad and I sit down to watch a movie or just relax and hang out, i take Echo off her shelf and sit her down on my lap and play with her little, bejeweled, royal hands.
    Holding her slight form pleases me very much somehow. It weirds Chad out big time as it’s not like me. Heck, it weirds me out too.

    As for hands, I think they are the most beautiful and industrious little appendages we, humans have. I’m delighted to hear mine are pretty-looking also.
    Like a surgeon, I’ve developed a paranoia over the last couple of years that a possible injury will render me unable to create…………my worst nightmare…ever.

  14. Amal says:

    Thanks for answering! ^-^
    I hope you’d save Echo too!

    Don’t worry too much about your hands… bad thoughts can make bad things happen, I believe. Plus, if anything happened, I’m sure we could make you some robotic appendages… then we could make you some extra pairs… then you could do more things at once! :ppp

  15. MissLk says:

    There goes my hope of Echo being available one day…

    I love the magic of the creator holding her creation. Marina, the photo with Echo on your palm as if Echo was talking to you is my favorite ED shot.

    Congrats on all the excitements!

  16. Jenny says:

    Marina, could you tell us which dolls will be on sale?

  17. Marina says:

    I’m working on the list. Should have it in about 12 hours. Hold on, please.

  18. Hazel says:

    Oh, and I know you mentioned the shirt in particular, but those earrings are also super cute! (I just noticed.)

  19. Maura says:

    Ah, Noir is soooo precious! She looks pretty confy in your hands, too. Did she see something interesting in the distance and was she calling your attention to it? Maybe she spotted the crowds of your fans that are waving frantically at you from far away…Wish I could get to visit the Vancouver show! All the best for everything and…enjoy!

  20. Annina says:

    aww that photo is so adorable!

    that, not being good with people, is the reason that i didn’t contact you and Chad when you were looking for places to stay in Europe last year.
    i’d love to meet you but at the same time i’d be so nervous!!
    i hope i can still meet you one day, i’m also more of a one on one person, but still, meeting new people is hard at first.
    but once you talk a little it’s so nice!

    well i too hope the people who will go will take lots of photos to share from Dragonspace!

  21. Katherine says:

    I wish i could be there!! i love gong into unique shops and dragonspace looks like one of them!! Someeday I’ll make it up there, but for now since by law I’m under the custody of my parents until 18 I’m stuck in Alabama.

  22. shane says:

    I checked earlier with ’em earlier today (and now have time to post that):

    Unfortunately, DragonSpace does *not* allow any still or video photography in their shop, period.

    (It turns out that they carry a fair number of local artists, and they have to protect those artists from having their works photographed and then copied elsewhere.)

  23. Marina says:

    I will talk to the owner and see if we can make some exceptions to the photo policy in the store.
    Stand by. One last post with all the details coming up.

  24. shane says:

    Well, if anyone can get them to make such an exception, I’m sure it’d be you! ;P

  25. joan says:

    I’d love to be there looking at your wonderful dolls instead of here looking at 2 feet of snow and more coming. OY VAY!

  26. Eiko says:

    So which dolls are on sale? It says on your Twitter that 2 nudes and Sheherezade were sold.

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