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I’m really excited to show you my new doll, even though I’m still working on her. She is Daphne, inspired by a famous and tragic Greek myth of Daphne and Apollo. It’s an ancient story about Stalking, which sadly, still seems as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago. The old gods are long dead, but violence against women still thrives, as if that is the oldest and only truly immortal god of mankind. The story of Apollo and Daphne – of a stalker and his victim, is a story of many women today.

ebaydoll 310

According to mythology, Daphne was a beautiful forest nymph who was relentlessly pursued by the love-struck God Apollo, who refused to take a no for an answer. The lovely Daphne on the other hand, did not appreciate being treated like anyone’s possession and desperately tried to flee her stalker. Eventually there was nowhere else left for her to run and she made a final, terrible decision to escape the deranged Apollo by becoming a Laurel Tree.

Defending her right to free will and self-agency had cost Daphne everything she had – her mobility, her identity, her appearance, her aspirations, her very humanity, and essentially, her freedom to pursue a life she wanted. It’s a high price to pay for anyone. If this classical myth of Apollo and Daphne is not a classic example of criminal harassment and stalking, then I don’t know what is.

ebaydoll 318

This is how I imagined Daphne. Her chest and thighs are engraved with ornate floral motifs t0 symbolize her inevitable transformation into a tree.

ebaydoll 317

ebaydoll 315

She will be going up for auction in November. Next batch of her pics will go up this week!

57 Responses

  1. Anthony says:

    I have DIED and gone to heaven!!!! Marina she is the ultimate dream doll!!! Oh my dear LORD SHE IS DEVINE!!!! The epitome of perfection!!!!! Be still my beating heart…. Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.

  2. Anthony says:

    I just read her story Marina!!! I can not believe you named her Daphne!!! I am an enormous Greek mythology fan!!! The name is perfection for her!!! OMG I can’t breath… She is just such absolute perfection… And now the tears… Wow Marina, you have truly outdone yourself with this glorious nymph <3

  3. Sylvia Leticia says:

    ***A Dream come True***
    I wish mine can come true one day :-}

    CONGRATULATIONS MARINA… You did it again!!!

  4. E says:

    The tragedy of Daphne is that she calls upon the goddess Artemis (warrior virgin goddess of the hunt AND APOLLO’S TWIN) for help. It is Artemis who turns Daphne into a laurel so that the beautiful girl can escape Apollo.
    However Daphne’s story does not end there. Apollo discovers Daphne-as-tree and declares her to be just as beautiful. He takes the laurel (daphne, laurels and bays are the same family) to be his symbol and makes a wreath out of her branches which he places on his head.
    Victory wreaths made of laurel? This is where the tradition comes from.

  5. E says:

    Having said that, she is a beautiful creation. Congratulations Marina, and congratulations to the highest bidder!

  6. Crystal says:

    Just stunning stunning stunning!!!!! You can see the shadow of desperation and angst on her face, yet she remains so beautiful, even more so, because of her state of fragile vulnerability.
    So she has the same fate really either way, but at least she has made her own choice, she took control, even though it was not an ideal solution.

  7. Annina says:

    she is simply amazing and takes my breath away. Marina, you have magic in your hands!

  8. Annina says:

    i also meant to say, i lovelovelove the double hip joint!!! (if you ever would consider adding this option to the resin dolls, i’d love to buy them as additional parts)

  9. Anthony says:

    Yes, the double jointed hips are AMAZING <3…. In all the excitement I completely forgot about them… And the metal accessory you mentioned… Could it be a crown of Laurel leaves?

  10. Merri says:


  11. I’m stuck for words! Good luck to everyone, who will be bidding! I can only dream, I can’t bid…. She is truly, the most beautiful,sensual doll I have ever had the pleasure of seeing, first hand, on Marina’s blog. I love her platinum blonde hair and the tatoos are very eye catching. Will there ever be another like her?

  12. Bertha says:

    Wow, gorgeous! In love alresdy!

  13. An Bidault says:

    So beautiful!!

  14. Marina says:

    Exactly like her?

  15. Marina, didn’t think so!

  16. Orangey says:

    Wooooow, oh my goodness, she is devastating! What a remarkable beauty, your dolls are all so impossibly beautiful!

    It goes without saying how much I yearn to own one of your dolls one day!

    The most beautiful detail is that white, braided hairpiece in her hair <3.

    Please have an exhibition in Ontario, at least ;D!

  17. Once again you have out done your self….so love the 2nd pic of her…..

  18. Nona says:

    Sublime! Your work is fantastic! Daphne is absolutely a goddess!

  19. nelly says:

    She have my baby dreamy eyes,beautiful.

  20. DagmaraP says:

    Gorgeous!!! Wish I had enough to bid for her. One day I hope to have one of your amazing creations for my own (I hope! LOL)! Wish you luck with the sale! ;)

  21. Mai says:

    The floral motifs really capture the idea of a tree transformation… she is truly captivating! Probably my favorite Enchanted Doll yet. This auction is going to be EPIC.

  22. Jayne Wourms says:

    She is simply perfect, and absolutely exquisite! I had never heard the story of Daphne before, so sad that such beauty would have to hide to stop someone from wanting to possess her. I hate to say it but looking at this doll, I think I understand the yearning to possess something so beautiful.
    Marina that thing that floor me is that you can let her go.

  23. Carmen Eve says:

    OMG! I’m just so happy to finally see the whole beauty. I’m drooling,she so wonderful. her face is just perfect, really tells a story. Can’t wait to see more. i so wish i could bid on her or for that matter have any of your dolls. one of your dolls is definitely on my bucket list.

  24. Deanna Jay Chu Nim says:

    My art history professor, Mary Holmes, had us draw from sculptures. I drew Daphne turning into a laurel tree with Apollo almost upon her. Weird how Apollo is so revered when his actions are so criminal.

  25. Marina says:

    I think every single god ‘in existence’ was a sociopath.

  26. Oli says:

    Dear Marina!
    Thank you for this doll! She belongs to the world art. I’m sure her image will stay in history forever. She is pure beauty. I’ll never tied to look at her.

  27. ziggytaku says:

    Marina i am simply speechless !!!! She is stunning !! and the double hip joint look awesome ^^
    As for god thing you say lol i know only one who is not (i think) Jesus ^^
    This one respect women and as my grandma read to me when i was little he die for all people. He saved one fallen woman from the death of being stoning to death. And as you say it is true woman was so abuse back then so much, and now it is also so common in some country’s it is very sad. I love how you speak so agents it throw your art, it is very touching.
    Thank you so very much for all you doing ^^

  28. Amal says:

    Marina, well done again in creating another such beauty. She truly is to be coveted, by all your fans/collectors alongside Apollo! The auction will be fierce no doubt! Jayne (#22) is right though – how do you ever let them go?

  29. Maria Soares says:

    My fave from all…beautyfull, and i agree with all you said…

  30. The Old Maid says:

    She has a beautiful, beautiful face!

  31. Elena says:

    She is soooo beautiful!!!!
    It is a dream to me at night.
    I wonder what her “special new, metal accessory” will be?

  32. Erin K says:

    Oh wow! She is so beautiful!! I so wish she could be mine. Good lucky to the happy bidder on ebay. ^_^

  33. Lua Clara says:

    Hello! I’m following your works for years now. I’m a French fan (sorry if my english is not really great) and I really really love your dolls! They are unbelievable! I’ve never seen something like that ! They are just human being like!! There’s emotion, sadness, fragility in their eyes! Your a really amazing artist!!! Bravo!!!

  34. Mariia says:

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  35. Helen says:

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    ??????? ???! ?? ???????????? ???? ????..

  36. Helen says:

    Oh, excuse me! I wrote in Russian, but the system does not recognize the text. It is a pity ((

  37. Sailor_orbit says:

    Her finger tips look bloody, it’s really cool ^_^*

  38. Sailor_orbit says:

    Also I don’t know how you’re able to let go of this doll. It must be really hard to not keep all these dolls for yourself

  39. Astera says:

    Oh, well done. She is as beautiful as the teasers promised she would be! I really like how you translated the transformation into a tattoo. You mentioned that there is going to be a headpiece, right? I am very curious to see it! :)

  40. Silvana Vargas says:

    She`s extremelly beautifull Marina!!!!

  41. M says:

    She is stunnig. Wish she wasn’ tatoed which wud make her even more radiant.

    As of your interpretation of story, I only have but one question:
    Why must modern men always look at what is a clear expresson of a world long gone and shoud be iterpretaed as a part of that wold with eye of modern consuptionus and false wiev? Why must modern man take everything that is beautiful and twist it in the false religion of feminizm, human rights and other such stupidities :P

    Can’t we just say a spade a spade?

  42. Binnur says:

    For M….

    I must say, M, that this is just a doll, a beautiful doll that many would consider a work of art, albeit, but it’s purpose is not to make a political statement or necessarily a feminist statement. This is just Marina Bychkova’s interpretation of a classic and, as an artist, she is more than entitled to that.

    In Rome there is an extraordinary museum in the Borghese Gardens and it’s main attraction is a statue by Bernini of Apollo chasing Daphne as she is in the process of turning into a tree that is so world-famous people have to get tickets days in advance and line up for hours just too be able to see it. So, I guess, this theme is still very relevant to those of us that want a little beauty, a little mystery, a little poetry and a little art in our lives.

    And, pardon me, but when did feminism and human rights become stupid? And what is that spade you are talking about, anyway?

    This is a work of art by an artist, period. She doesn’t have to interpret it for us but she chooses to do so for those of us that are unfamiliar with the theme, to explain her thought processes and we should be grateful for the insight….

  43. Astera says:

    I think it’s great that these dolls are more than just beautiful porcelain bodies. I think that art is a mean of communicating ideas that go beyond pure esthetics and Marina has a right as well as a duty to do so. I will not comment on the politeness of calling somebody’s ideas or interpretation of their own art “stupidities”.

  44. Crystal says:

    I think this blog attracts people from many countries who try to express themselves in a language which they are very unfamiliar with. I find a lot of the comments rather amusing and sweet as they struggle to say what they mean. I think they need to be cut a little slack. :)

  45. Oh, Marina…

    She is divine! I love your inspiration, its source, the depth of your thought and this amazing beauty- the result! Daphne conveys a message of sadness and perhaps a warning but I love how much more alive she seems because of it.

    Thank you for your never-ending genius. As simple as that.

    Ilona xxx

  46. Suok69 says:

    The most beautiful face i’ve ever seen. So sad and serene at the same time.

  47. I can’t get enough of Daphne! I admire her, over and over! Her face has to be the sweetest, gentle, fragile, and innocent, that there can, ever be! She is absolutely, amazing! Really, truly, she takes my breath away and my heart beats alittle fast when I come back and visit the blog.

  48. jacci says:

    she is lovely. I love Greek myth. they were my bedtime stories when I was little. I have a print of Rackham’s Daphne on my wall. this doll is a beautiful representation, and I love the Laurel tattoos. I think she’s my fav tattooed doll of yours after Kia, though they may be equal favs now. great work, as always

  49. Phoenix says:

    Hi Marina,
    wow, as many others I have to say that I am stunned; especially about her face and her EYES!!!
    She will get earrings, am I right? ;-))))

  50. Diana says:

    I just discovered your work today. I’m blown away at the artworks on display here. I hope you auction goes very well for you.

  51. Seiyuu says:

    I’m expecting her to move at the moment. I simpyl love her, she is really delicate and beautiful.I think she really is a masterpiece! :)

  52. L says:

    This is the most beautiful doll I’ve ever seen. *Sigh* I keep coming back to look at your doll every 10 minutes. I swear I feel as though my soul can be taken away just by looking at your doll. Who ever gets this doll is one lucky person.

  53. Lean says:

    OMG!! She has the most beautiful face you ever did!! You’re every day a better artist, can’t stop loving your artwork!! I’m melting looking at her…

  54. Alice says:

    Good evening,
    My name is Alice and I’m a girl like so many finished in your site by accident.
    Looking at your blog I am passionate to your creations and I must do my most sincere congratulations.
    The doll that I prefer by far is Daphne, and since she will be put on sale on ebay these days, I wanted to ask if you could please give me the link of the page ebay because they are interested in the sale of Daphne.
    I greet and I still compliment
    (sorry for the errors, but I can’t speak good English because I’m Italian).

  55. DeeDee says:

    Beautiful doll and good luck to those who will be bidding. I agree with another commenter about preferring the doll not to have the tattoos, especially extensive Russian style tattoos which seem an overkill and a bit out of place for a character from Greek mythology named Daphne. Just my opinion and taste.

  56. Alexander says:

    She is stunning, and I know she is already sold, but weird that you interpret Daphnee as some weak, strong beautiful women, while I was never a fan of nymphs, I don’t blame Apollo completely though, Nymphs are always running around naked, and that he was shot by Eros, and also that he declare the Laurel Tree to be beautiful, while I do feel bad for her, in the end it’s more of a story of Eros who felt insulted by Apollo than it is about the poor Daphnee, which is more of a story of a revenge than it is about tragic women who becomes…a tree I guess..which in the end benefits the gods

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