Ebay auction doll teaser 2: Wig-making

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Today I’m making a second, silk wig for this pretty little doll, which will be going up on ebay in November! She will have two wigs. And a special new, metal accessory I’m working on parallel to the doll.

She is keeping the secrets of her final appearance for now, as I don’t want to build your first impression of her with bad snapshots of the work-in-progress. I’ll be posting more teasers of her this week and next, until finally all is revealed!

I can’t wait.

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  1. Anthony says:

    OMG Marina, I KNEW IT WAS THIS GIRL!!!! OMG I literally stopped breathing <3… She is sOoO absolutely breathtaking!!! This is the Enchanted Doll of my dreams <3

  2. Crystal says:

    She beautiful, there is no such thing as a bad impression when it comes to your dolls! What do you mean when you say a metal accessory “parallel” to the doll?

  3. Astera says:

    Good to have another look at her. She has a beautiful mouth. It’s exciting to see her slowly revealed. Happy work! :)

  4. Merri says:

    I agree with Crystal, no matter the photo, your dolls never leave a bad impression….and I already think she’s my new favourite!:)

  5. Marina says:

    Wait ’til you see the rest of her then ;)

  6. Jugend Moth says:

    Woow! She is beautiful..even tempting. Different from innocent blonde dolls i saw recently.

  7. Elaine says:

    Hi Marina. I was thrilled to discover your work last night. It’s quite strange to see such tiny and delicate creatures looking so lifelike. Looking back through your blog I had a strange feeling about your doll with the larger breasts – she seemed more powerful for being less perfect. I almost felt like I was inside her skin and her swollen tearful eyes and pink toes. I could feel the cold in my own toes. It was amazing! I really like the above studio picture because of the strangeness of the contrast in scale and the experience of seeing your doll already looking so complete and alive in the process of creation.

  8. Jayne Wourms says:

    You can’t wait? I can’t wait!!

  9. Our father who art in heaven, allow me to win the loto 6/49

    Marina she is breath taking even with the silly cap on her head……

  10. Oli says:

    I simply love this doll!!!!!! She is gorgeous, she is masterpiece!

  11. Oli says:

    I simply love this doll! She is gorgeous, she is masterpiece!

  12. Bertha says:

    Can’t wait for her final appearance, must be awesome!
    Al reddy love her with her tattoo chest!

  13. Sylvia Leticia says:


  14. Elena says:

    Hi Marina !!!

    I like to see the creation of dolls!
    That’s the magic !She’s so beautiful!
    I love her just like her ???

  15. stefy says:

    She must be really somthing unique! I love her tatoo and the strong blushing on her body. This makes her even more natural and alive than usual. Considering the period, from your little clues she may have something to do with Halloween? I’m courious to see the next pics :-)

  16. Crystal says:

    I think the shapes in the tatoo mimic a few shapes I have seen in your head pieces.

  17. Following the progress on this lovely doll, and it looks great , even unfinished. Can’t wait for the finished version, and the Auction, too! She is divine!

  18. What a gorgeous face… oh deep sigh…. sometimes a half-hidden glimpse is so much more tantalising and alluring, makes me yearn to see her mysterious face

  19. Erin K says:

    Oh she is so very gorgeous! Oh, heehee, your dolls could never leave a bad impression…no matter what stage of development they are at. Can’t wait to see her in her full glory when she’s done. ^_^

  20. Marina T says:

    Oh,ona neobyknovennaya….. Eto uje nesomnenno yasno!!!! Marina,spasibo vam za vashe tvorchestvo, prodoljayte radovati nas kak mojno dolishe!!!

  21. Mai says:

    Marina, you have perfected the art of “teasers.” ;-) I know of nobody better at hinting with tantalizing glimpses than you!

  22. Ohhhh, Marina, she is magnificent!

    You never cease to inspire.

    Thank you for that!

    Ilona xxx


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