Ebay removed Enchanted Doll ebay listing, because it hates female body!!!

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My friends!

I am shocked and appalled to learn that ebay had just removed my Daphne auction listing (#331084334645) only a few hours before the end, because my doll displays accurate female anatomy.

Ebay says that my doll is a sex doll, and it can not be listed in neither the art category, nor the doll category, and not even in the art-doll category. I will either have to remove any unclothed pictures of Daphne to re-list her as art doll, or list it as a sex toy. And this is despite the fact that there are currently dozens of art dolls listings on ebay showing full frontal nudity in the doll category. I have no idea why Enchanted Doll was targeted as being inappropriate, while other nude dolls are totally acceptable. What is wrong with Enchanted Doll?

I’m disgusted and exasperated to tears by this institutionalized hatred towards female body. Why is ebay perpetuating this attitude towards women? Why are even naked dolls considered too vile and offensive for our eyes?!! Why is the world forcing me to feel so dirty and ashamed of myself? Why is it forcing our daughters to grow up feeling ashamed of themselves, instead of feeling proud? I only have questions, and no answers.

I’m trying to figure out what to do about Daphne auction as quickly as I can. In the meantime you could try calling ebay to convince them to resume the listing. Stay tuned for urgent updates.


Daphne has been relisted herehttp://www.ebay.com/itm/An-Enchanted-Doll-by-Marina-Bychkova-Costumed-amp-Engraved-OOAK-Porcelain-BJD-/331086942934?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276 

We tried to list Daphne in the same state as when it was deleted  by ebay. The auction is a “1-day” auction so it will end tomorrow, and the start price is what the highest bid was at the time of removal. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  1. Anthony says:

    I am so sorry about this Marina this is outrageous… Just absolutely appalling!!!! I have already written eBay in outrage, I really can not believe this.

  2. Michelle (@togolightly) says:

    This is insane. It’s the 21st century and your dolls are so beautiful. How dare they try to taint her with their lascivious thoughts. There is so much ugliness in the world. Why can’t they see how wrong this is?
    I’m so sorry that this has happened.

  3. Nicole says:

    This has been happening on ebay for years. I’ve had so many of my auctions pulled just for one extra shot of a breast or peek of nipple. There are thousands of auctions up with nudity on ebay, and all are in violation on their policy. It takes that extra special person with jealousy and hate in their heart to report your auction. Only reported auctions get pulled. Every week I see others post nudity with no problems, but if I even make one misstep, my auctions still get reported. Artists get targeted buy sad people with nothing better to do.

    I understand your anger and frustration. Sadly it is ebays rules and we have to follow them if we wish to sell on their site. We begged for a long time before they finally gave us the OOAK section in dolls where you can post two nude photos of your piece. It is hard to know what they consider “nude” though. Breasts and buttocks seem to be fine. But a couple of months ago I listed a piece with one full frontal nude shot and my auction got pulled.

    I hope that you will find a quick resolution to this problem Marina. Bless you for bringing your special magic into the world.

  4. Amal says:

    Don’t waste your tears on them Marina!! They can’t tell Art from a sex toy!?! Your fans will always be behind you! And we outnumber anyone who wishes to bring you down – we won’t let them! xxx

  5. asdfasdf says:

    So sorry Marina, Nicole is right: just one idiot’s complaint. And Amal is right: don’t waste your tears.

  6. Annina says:

    What Amal said, we the fans know and will always know that your dolls are beautiful amazing art formed after the human body which should be celebrated, not feared. It is ebay’s loss in the end for making that choice, not yours.

  7. Annina says:

    the ? is supposed to be a heart <3

  8. ZZ says:

    I just heard about this! Oh my gosh! How can E-bay justify this? I mean are nude art prints sex toys? Is David porn? What the heck? It’s so unfair! As a woman I feel sickened by this. Is the female body ONLY for the pleasure of others?! I am disgusted, frustrated and sad for you Marina. But hang in there! It takes people like you who push the margins to make the world change. So fight on. We are all behind you!

    ZZ from NY

  9. Kori Leppart says:

    I am so heart-broken for you! I was following your auction with enthusiasm today! I was so pleased to see a LIVING artist and DOLL artist command such a high price! I was so upset when I went back to look at how high it had climbed since last I looked only to not find it at all! I only hope you can get this resolved with eBay and back up for bid. Can you contact the highest bidder and do something off of eBay? Please keep us posted! I would love to see her re-listed and getting top dollar! Chin up! So sorry this happened to you!–Kori

  10. Moraima Molina says:

    I’m with you. Do not understand why ebay does that with her dolls. But there are other dolls naked and do nothing.

  11. Ev Thompson says:

    Marina, I am so sorry that this has happened. Sad that there are always those who have to report on what they don’t like or don’t understand. And Ebay should be ashamed. Now that Daphne is relisted fully clothed, they will be more than happy to take their 10%. They would have been happy to take their cut if someone hadn’t complained. So unfair. So glad to see that the bid is almost what it was previously and wish you the best of luck with the final hours of Daphne’s auction. Ev

  12. K Tenery says:

    So much ignorance. It’s disgusting. Just know we all have your back ;)

  13. Christianne says:

    I think its clear someone did this on purpose…They in there mind wanted to sabotage your auction… I think you are a victim of your own success….

  14. Marina says:

    Thanks for your support, guys, here on the blog as well as all your emails I received in the last few hours since this happened.

    I am very lucky to have such loyal and fierce fans. I thank you all.

  15. Susan says:

    eBay’s action is disheartening. Your work, however, has left me awestruck!

  16. schizandra says:

    Marina, f*ck them! Sorry for my language, but for ebay which pulled your auction and for whatever lousy “human” being reported you for creating a masterpiece like Daphne, that kind of language is warranted. Don’t put up with this! I don’t know if your website uses WordPress or anything similar, but maybe you could find a plugin to host auctions on your own site? Or contact your site developer to see if they could manage that kind of feature. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to give ebay their cut? I know you have to continue the auction with Daphne as it’s going, but for future dolls, it’s worth looking into! I’ve been a longtime fan of yours and a lurker on your website for years, and I can’t wait for the day when I can afford to try my hand at bidding for one of your breathtakingly beautiful dolls. Good luck!

  17. I’m so sorry, it’s really sad that a site like ebay is so closed, I hope the problem is fixed and who is in charge of the policies of ebay understand that not for nothing have the curriculum that you have

  18. Glynis says:

    Yes, I would like someone,somewhere to tell just what’s wrong with the female form!! We are what nature made us,and for a specific function/ reason which would be very hard to do without these particular parts!! Marina,just keep doing what you do,soooo beautifully, let the bigots live in their own perfect little world,whilst we continue to appreciate and celebrate artist such as yourself who bring beauty and thought provoking discussions into our lives,mine has been much richer since stumbling across Enchanted doll,I’ve looked at art that would never have crossed my path otherwise,and chatted to lovely people on the forum. Don’t cry over them,smile at them it will confuse the hell out of ’em!! :)

  19. Ivey says:

    Oh yeah, because a beautiful piece of art like this is the equivalent of a dildo or fleshlight. What on Earth?! Ugh, this makes me SO angry. I wish there was another site you could do your auctions on, Ebay doesn’t deserve your business anymore!

  20. Helene says:

    I was shocked and disgusted as well. Sex toy indeed! Some people have really no clue. Anyway congrats on the winning bid!

  21. Yy says:

    It’s incredibly unfair how people don’t look at anything as art or beauty, they see a body, but that’s because more and more people are a) full of perverted thoughts or b) more “logical” and have no sense of art and natural beauty. It’s not right but there’s still people who love your art and the beautiful and enchanting maidens (and a few lads) that you make.

  22. We faced this a few years ago with Ophelia, an Enchanted Doll displayed in the elegant fine boutique Victoria Buckley Jewellery. Her facebook page was removed and an international media flurry covering the situation ensued, whilst we watched on in surprise. I’m sorry you had to go through it yourself. Luckily everything seemed to work out nicely in the end, congratulations on Daphne’s success!

  23. Rachael says:

    Hello Marina,
    I can’t believe how they labeled your doll as a sex toy. Anyone with a brain can tell that’s not right- and is downright hurtful.
    In a sense it says that the image of a woman itself is a sex toy. It’s infuriating.
    But you are the one with the last laugh here.
    Your work is beautiful and it celebrates the body. Your message is louder than theirs.
    Chin up and keep going strong :)
    Thank you for your passion and sharing your talent with us all!

  24. jennifer says:

    i had similar issues when i did very acurate painting on my female dolls to the point i used small black lines to sensor those parts and have to use links where more detailed parts could be viewed. i should state once ebay targets you it doesn’t really stop at one doll. As sad that is to say. Normally this happens because someone complains when they view the doll hence you get a warning or your auction pulled

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