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My birthday is here, which means the annual birthday contest is also here.


All the entries have been posted online, here.

There are so many great entries that I’m still narrowing it down. A final announcement will be made later today.

Thank you to everyone who entered and to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.

So check out the entries and choose your favourites while I choose mine.

32 Responses

  1. Jean says:

    I can see my entry *smile* : D i´m having fund seeing all those great entrys :)

  2. Jean says:

    fun not fund xD

  3. Annina says:

    it’s truly a feast of creativity, so amazing to see.
    good luck picking the winner!

  4. Leigh says:

    I am overwhelmed with the number of entries!

    I would love to see the translations to the Russian submissions.. they look quite fascinating!

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Emily P says:

    It must be so strange yet utterly fascinating to see how everyone else perceives your work!

    Amazing designs everyone and Happy Birthday Marina :)

  6. Belmira says:

    It’s great to see so many great entries. Good ideas and some beautifully illustrated work. :D I am very anxious.

  7. Kasia says:

    I’m already happy !!!
    My job to be here :)

    This is a great honor :))))

    Thank You, Thank Thank :*

  8. Rogelio says:

    Seems like u had a lot of work to do
    It must be hard
    But I know its worth it to see all of your fans work
    Happy birthday
    And have fun choosing the winner

  9. Marcia says:

    Happy Birthday, Marina!
    I am truly amazed at the wonder of it all! Such inspiration and beauty by so many talented people. I don’t know how you will ever choose a winner, they are all winners!
    Good Luck!

  10. Kate says:

    Wow, look at how many people you have inspired! It is interesting to see how many entries are so similar — it is like you have taken the pulse of your fans, to see what we are thinking of in the world, or how we interpret your art…

    I agree with Kasia–I feel so honored to see my entry among so many other beautiful entries!

  11. So many great entries! So much talent! I love the community your hard work has developed.
    Happy birthday again! You are wonderful to do this for your fans.

  12. dal says:

    I am honored too to be among so many talented artists and ideas! It is a treat to see so much work. Good luck everyone!

    Blessings for a happy birthday Marina!

  13. Kamila says:

    So many wonderful ideas and beautiful, inspiring images… Must be really hard to choose the one winner!

    Marina and Chad, thank you for your efforts in sorting the entries out and putting them up on the website for everyone to see. It’s been fascinating just looking at them.

    Hope you’re having a very special day, birthday girl :)

  14. Amy says:

    Amazing job, everyone! There are so many genius and beautiful ideas! I know I couldn’t choose just one.
    And thank thank thank you Marina for being so generous with these contests every year! This was SO MUCH FUN for me! Happy happy birthday!

  15. Orangey says:

    Happy Birthday once again~

  16. Clementine says:

    happy birthday! it’s totally mesmerising going through all these wonderful entries (gosh I should be going to bed now…) bit they are all very interesting, and so many I’d love to see realised!

  17. An Bidault says:

    Choose me, choose me!! :P
    And a very happy birthday for you, you diserve it! :)

  18. Jennalee says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!! XD
    This is sooo cool, I’ve never done anything like this before… all the entries are amazing brilliant and beautiful ….. Luvs and luck to all.

  19. MigMig says:

    I hope you are happy to see how many people you inspire with your beautiful creations. You managed to open up a creative door to my soul, even if I am only a humble corporate worker unable to draw. I’m grateful that my entry is amongst these wonderful projects!

    Happy Birthday, S Dniem Razdyenia Marina!

  20. sara G says:

    Marina Happy birthday! I am so amazed at the beautiful art your dolls have inspired, just wow. So happy to have been a part of it! Truly such a fun experience. Its quite an honer to have mine next to some awesome entries! How will you ever chose? good luck to everyone!

  21. minoo says:

    I didn’t see all the entries yet but I liked the one by Maria S. so far very much . good luck to you and happy birthday .

  22. helvella says:

    Happy birthday, and thank you for the wonderful contest. I do not envy you having to select a winner from so many incredible entries!

  23. Kait (thegreatkait) says:

    Happy Birthday Marina! Thank you again for being such a generous person and especially on your birthday! I hope you have a great one. I am sure seeing all the lovely entries that you inspire helps make your day. Thank you for posting our work, this makes me feel wonderful!

  24. iki says:

    Happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday ,happy birthday
    happy birthday to youu.

  25. Ali says:

    Happy Birthday Marina!!! I have already sent you fanciful wishes, but may you have many, many more!!!
    Looking at these entries is so hard, because I see them and think that not a single one is worse than mine, but they’re all so much better.
    On the other hand, I shouldn’t be thinking such things because each one is so unique and different that it’s almost impossible to say which is really, truly “better”.
    I’m sure whoever wins has more than deserved it!!!

  26. Allegra says:

    Ooh, I had so much fun working on my submission but I absolutely LOVE the Lillith and Medua submission – clearly I’ve found a kindred spirit! I’d love to see you make her dolls – something with a feminist bent!

    A very Happy Birthday, and many Happy Returns of the Day!

  27. samoylina anastasia says:

    Марин,С Днем Рождения!!!)))

    Извини меня за наглость,но я хочу спросить по поводу моей работы..я отправила ее От кого: Самойлина Анастасия
    Кому: contests
    или ее нет потому что тебе не понравилась?

  28. samoylina anastasia says:

    опечаталась-сюда отправила

  29. samoylina anastasia says:

    извини,не вводится: контест@инчэндитдолл.ком

  30. KarolinFelix says:

    oh! I’m in the middle of browsing through all entries… they are awesome… and it’s almost 3 a.m. here.. I’m a zombie now. <:

    ..contests are hard work for everyone <<:

    Happy birthday Marina.

  31. Enrico says:

    Happy Birthday Marina! Wishing you a birthday full of cake and happiness!

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