Enchanted Doll birthday contest is closed!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I declare the 4th annual Enchanted Doll birthday contest, closed! The grand prize, a costumed resin doll will be given away to the winner.

Thank you very much to all participants for your efforts. Although I kept the contest open for extra 4 days to wait for card stuck in mail limbo, it is still quite possible that not all your cards made it here in time. I apologize for not being able to wait much longer, but counting must begin. No more cards will be accepted. Chad and I are sorting your entries to choose those who will pass the first elimination round. The next few days are going to be intense, as every day I’m going to eliminate more and more entries, moving closer to the winner. This information will be announced here.

Stand by for the next round and Good luck!

26 Responses

  1. Sarah Gupta says:

    I’m so excited! Hope you enjoy going through all your birthday wishes as much as we all enjoyed sending them!


  2. Annina says:

    oh it’s very exciting, i love this glimpse! i’m imagining your whole flat filled with post cards. what did the postman say? you must be best friends now. ;)
    good luck guys with the selecting process, and fingers crossed :)

  3. Ooh, exciting! I hope my card made it there. Thanks for the extension, Marina.


  4. Hazel says:

    Yay! I can’t wait to see all the entries! :D

  5. Eiko says:

    I’m curious to know exactly how many postcards you received.

  6. Kait Craddock says:

    Yay! I hope mine and my aunt’s cards made it! We are really hoping we have a shot! Thanks for this Marina.

  7. Ady says:

    Ohhh…I hope for mine!!!!

  8. Shuri says:

    I’m so itching to see the costumed beauty the winner will receive.
    Will it have the subtle body blush your dolls usually have on joints, thighs etc.?
    I missed that on the resin-dolls displayed so far, to me that is part of what makes your dolls seem so extraordinary alive.

    good luck to everyone for the next round
    and hopefully going through all those cards, will also be fun and not just work.

  9. An Bidault says:

    Well, those are a lot of postcards!
    I don’t see mine but I know it made it so I’m getting really anxious, can’t wait to know which one will be the winner!
    I’m already letting me imagine what it would be like if I win, to hold one of those beautiful dolls in my hands… aaaaaah!
    Anyway, my best wishes from Uruguay!

  10. Maya says:

    Yay, I see mine in the picture! This is so exciting!
    Thanks a lot for holding this contest, Marina; we know this is a lot of effort but you do it anyway. That’s why we love you so much besides how great your work is :)

  11. Jon Songserm says:

    wowww, can’t wait to see all the entry, I very apreciate for your effort to hold this event. .


  12. Niiv says:

    Ooh, I just really hope mine arrived in time! I can’t wait to see all the entries… I wonder, how many cards did you receive? I think this will be a very exciting and especially intense birthday contest.. good luck to all!

  13. Jugend Moth says:

    Yay, im so excited! Figers crossed! Good luck guys and girls!!
    P.s. Don’t see mine either, but after tracked number it should arrived at 14 february!

  14. jazz says:

    so much fun…
    what a great idea you had, and so generous to offer one of your beauties.
    i hope you just enjoy looking at all those cards in honour of you and all your hard work. :)

  15. Glued to the screen, everything I can cross is crossed! This is so exciting….

  16. Varvavra2121 says:

    Oh, thanks God! My postcard came in time! That is so amazing to take part in the contest, thank you Marina!

  17. Sylvia Leticia says:

    **How Exciting** My fingers are crossed, and there is Hope in my Heart!! :-}

  18. Diana says:

    Oooooohhh, I can see my envelope :-))) I am so excited right now!!!! It is so generous from you Marina to make this contest, thank you for that! I am really looking forward to see all the nice poastcards!
    Best wishes and greetings from Noctaria :-)

  19. Alberto says:

    I hope mine were there with you!!!

    Happy birthdaya again!! ^_^

  20. isabel pacheco says:

    Marina I hope it and pass happy birthday may god fill you with health love, and blessings this and every day of your life.

  21. Arianne says:

    Oh dearie me, I don’t see mine, but it could still be in there.
    There are some real beauties in this pile. I could see these on my inspiration board. Good job everyone, I’m sure Marina and Chad had a fun time looking through all of them.

  22. amy says:

    So many envelopes? I thought they were not allowed? I was anxious to send mine without one, but those were the rules. So excited to see the top picks and the doll!

  23. Cynthia says:

    I don’t see my postcard either but maybe it is just hiding under the pile :)

  24. Patricia says:

    So exciting! Biting my nails in anticipation of seeing all the entries! Thanks for being such a generous artist. So many of us love your work and will never have a chance of owning one. This is such a great opportunity!

  25. Sylvia says:

    @amy: Marina adjusted the rules later, because many feared their cards might be stolen on the way.

    Mine is also in an envelope, i wonder if it made it.

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