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Salome is up for sale on eBay starting RIGHT NOW! The auction will last for 7 days. Click here for the auction page.

Here’s the description from the listing:

Salome is a doll â„–2 in my Rubenesque body type series. I, Marina Bychkova, am the creator of this doll.

1. Sculpted with 18 points of articulation

2. Cast in fine porcelain

3. Painted and blushed with permanent, ceramic china paint

4. Strung up with 11 steel springs

5. Stands 14.5” (37.5cm) tall

6. Enchanted Doll™ Salome is sold with a floral tiara of sterling silver and mother of pearls, 2 magnetic mohair wigs (red and blonde) and a flexible custom stand.  Any other accessories seen in the pictures are for composition only and are not included in the auction.

Like all Enchanted Dollsâ„¢, Salome is built for playing. Leather lines her joints for smooth and even rotation while the unique jointing mechanism allows for a wide range of natural and sensual movements and poses. Her silky porcelain complexion and intricate china-painted features are completely resistant to UV radiation, scratches, cleaning chemicals, moisture, or dirt from extensive handling.

About your Enchanted Dollâ„¢

Due to the remarkable nature of fine porcelain, all Enchanted Dolls share strength and resiliency and require very little maintenance.  However, a reasonable degree of care must be taken in handling any and all porcelain objects gently to prevent impact with hard surfaces, which may result in a fracture. Always use the doll stand for safety and support when standing this doll. Due to the aesthetically small feet in relation to the rest of the body, Enchanted Dolls don’t balance well.

The surface of the doll can be safely washed repeatedly, but it should never be submerged in water so that the spring mechanism stays dry. If the water does get inside the doll – don’t let it sit, blow-dry its joints as soon as possible.

Should the doll suffer a fracture in the fingers or extremities through an unfortunate accident, I offer a free repair policy for up to five separate parts (head not included), where the owner is only responsible for the shipping charges. As long as you handle your doll with reasonable gentleness, you are likely to never need my repair services. This doll will be your companion for many years to come.

Please feel free to ask me any questions about this doll or this auction. Thanks for looking and Happy Bidding!

Click here for Salome’s auction page

20 Responses

  1. Good luck with the auction! I hope somebody from the forum buys her so we can see her often!

  2. Annina says:

    good luck Marina and Chad, and good luck to all bidders, and i will chime in and say i hope we may see her on the forum again! :)
    off to do auction-watching!
    i won’t be able to see the end cause that’s when we are flying to my home country, but you others will have to eat the popcorn for me! ;)

  3. Annina says:

    oh and the hand model is back, good job!
    and good call on sending out a newsletter, now no one can complain they didn’t know. :)

  4. Merri says:

    Good luck! I’m tempted to put in a first bid, just so I can say she was mine for a moment! :)

  5. Jayne says:

    Merri, I would love to place the final bid, so I can say she’s mine forever :)
    Good luck Marina and Chad, I hope the auction runs smoothly for you♥

  6. Orangey says:

    Okay, bid #1 is taken now (Not me, in case there is doubt). :P

  7. T Matthews says:

    Hello Old Friend!
    I have thought of you every now and then, dreaming about that one day I would be able to purchase one of your wonderful masterpieces! Should I win would you offer a non-refundabe lay-a-way? Of course, the doll would not ship until receipt of final payment. Also, the photo length-wise looks like the same doll laying down in a fabulous red feathered dress. Are you selling accessories, clothing, etc now? Please update my new email address and keep me posted! Miss you and my daydreams! Even though it’s been a while I’m still your biggest fan wishing you health, wealth, happiness, and continued inspiration to continue to create with the unbelievable gift of creation; you are blessed!

  8. Lisichka says:

    Марина, удачи !)
    Молодец, что сделала из кукол бренд, торговую марку! Путешествуя по интернету, иногда натыкаюсь на печальные попытки ребят из разных уголков земли повторить совершенство !)
    Новых тебе успехов и вдохновений!)

  9. Crystal says:

    Oh! There is a bid! But then that was expected anyway! Well away we go!

  10. Michele says:

    Gorgeous as always! She will do well. Lucky is the person who gets her!

  11. sarah says:

    how can i buy this dolls
    tank you

  12. Ellen says:

    Gorgeous doll! I’ll be so happy to have her in my collection.
    Good luck on the auction!

  13. Bony McQueen says:

    I wish I afford an Enchanted Doll One day:)

  14. Antonio says:

    Hello as you can bid?

  15. Orangey says:

    Antonio, do you want to know how to bid? You need an eBay account first.

    There is eBay for many countries I think, in Google type in eBay with your country’s name and then register to the eBay from your country. Then you can bid.

    (If that is what you are asking)

  16. Vladimir says:

    Добрый день, Марина!

    Если вдруг случится чудо, и мне удастся выиграть аукцион, каким образом можно заказать у вас одежки для нее :-)

    С уважением,

  17. Orangey says:

    10 000 already.

  18. Harpress says:

    I am sure she will find a wonderful home.

    I’m embarrassed to admit, but I actually bought a lottery ticket that day, saying to myself that if I win enough money I will buy her.

    Well, not this time, but some day… some day!

  19. Bony McQueen says:

    Omg!! I just looked at the bid and is going for 26,700.50!!! Wow!

  20. Ellen says:

    Congratulation to lucky winner!