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About a year ago I was walking by a bookstore in this trendy, bohemian shopping district in Vancouver and I saw a really cool-looking magazine cover with a tittle COILHOUSE in the window. I thought to myself that I would really like to have my work featured in this magazine. Then, while I was in Paris a few months later I accidentally stumbled across this magazine’s website again while searching for alternative art galleries in downtown Paris. As I browsed through the site, I became even more intrigued by the content of the magazine and wished again that I could be a part of it one day.

That day came just a week later when Coilhouse magazine editor emailed me requesting an interview for an Enchanted Doll feature in their upcoming issue. The coincidence and the timing was so uncanny that it was as if I wished it into being. As if Coilhouse had received my telepathic message and contacted me. This is by far not the first time something like this has happened to me and I’ve come to believe that I have way more power over my destiny than it seems possible.

It almost feels like magic sometimes you know; as if you can bend the universe to your own will with a mere thought.  But I know that perception is false- it takes much more than a thought to make something happen. I believe in randomness and chaos: there  is no such thing as fate. We make our own destiny and create our own opportunities.

Like they say: When there is a will, there is a way.

The full spread can be found in my press section. I love the layout. Check out COILHOUSE website and show your support by getting a subscription to the magazine. It’s really cool. We need more publications like this one instead of stupid women’s magazines such as Self (recent Kelly Clarkson photoshoped cover scandal) or Cosmopolitan that feed women nothing but relentless product advertising, celebrity worship, self doubt and false beauty ideals. It makes me so mad that I wish nothing but ruin and bankruptcy on them.

Maybe if I wish really really hard again……

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  1. silvana says:

    You have every right … those magazines that sell the woman as a perfect product are hated … the result is what we see thousands of women dying in surgery tables in search of a perfect body and face and forever young … something missing ….

  2. aneemal says:

    In this documentary, the presenter (model, singer) tries to persuade a magazine to put an untouched image her on the front cover:


    It’s scary that the media is penetrating the minds of girls so young.

  3. Crystal says:

    Bravo, I can’t add anything to that. I will get a subscription pronto!

  4. Laura says:

    It’s very cool to see your dolls in this magazine!!! Congratulations Marina!!!!! I will by this magazine to have your amazing work in my magazine collection ( because I can’t buy your doll right now). And now about your magic thoughts. When you are asking something you attract this thing to your life. This is the secret of life. To understand more about the secret go to http://www.thesecret.tv Thank you for your amazing dolls, they are gorgeous!!!!

  5. Marina says:

    Thanks Laura,

    you know, I’ve heard about the secret. It was a big rage a couple of years ago, but I never bought into that. I know it makes a little bit of sense on some level considering my magic thoughts, but I just always thought it was was too…um I wanna say – flaky. One can’t just wish for things and wait for them to drop in one’s lap out of the blue. One has to be actively pursuing them as well, if not in the most direct way.
    But I suppose that first you have to know what you want and then wish for it to happen before you can get working on it, and identifying one’s goals is half the job.

  6. ~Mia says:

    Marina, I am so thrilled for you!
    Coilhouse is a very cool magazine!
    I’ve ordered issue #03 and cannot wait to receive it! The layout looks beautiful!
    You should be proud of all of your hardwork!

    Life is part magic, that is what I always say…

  7. ~Mia says:

    “State Property” would have looked extremely cool in Coilhouse magazine ! …

  8. Lumina says:

    I believe in randomness and chaos: there is no such thing as fate. We make our own destiny and create our own opportunities.

    I can´t agree more with you on that =).

  9. Manu says:

    Congratulations on your new cover magazine, hope to see soon in library your encanted dolls book.

  10. annina says:

    i’ve also finally ordered this magazine now, just couldn’t pass it up! looking very much forward to have such a cool magazine and with such a great spread of your dolls!

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