Enchanted Doll in a Louis Vuitton dress poses for LOVE Magazine

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Well, I have some news about Enchanted Doll. It was supposed to be a great news which I was really looking forward to sharing and celebrating, but it has just turned sour for me.

For a few months now I’ve been eagerly anticipating the August 2010 issue of the UK-based, avantgarde fashion magazine LOVE, because it was supposed to feature an Enchanted Doll modeling a dress by Louis Vuitton. This Enchanted Doll’s name is Buela and she is in private collection. I was not only excited about Enchanted Doll being the face of Louis Vuitton, but also about it being shot by Mert and Marcus, which is amazing. But my joy has turned to disbelief and disappointment when the issue came out and I discovered that the magazine has not credited me for my work.

Enchanted Doll brand is not mentioned in the feature, as if the creator of the doll is not important. They’ve taken my doll’s identity away from her.


Imagine if a magazine photographed Barbie in a designer dress for commercial use in mass media, slapped a different name on her, such as I donno, Katie or Buela or whatever, and then left out the fact that this doll is Barbie by Mattel. How do you think Mattel would react to their product being used this way?

I am upset and rather offended by this turn of events. The photograph was not taken by me and the doll is no longer in my possession, but she is still my intellectual property. I don’t know how such a reputable magazine could do something like this and I intend to find out what happened. It might be just a very unfortunate mistake, but the damage is done.

So, there you go. Enchatned Doll or possibly some other doll is modeling a Louis Vuitton dress for LOVE magazine.


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  1. Brigitte says:

    I totally feel for you, this happened to me a bit back, though with something much less exciting than Louis Vuitton, of course. My sympathies. Maybe if you contact them they will post a correction next issue?

  2. Leah says:

    You know, this is something that every artist worries about, and for me, its no different; having your work taken or uncredited, and it pretty much feels like someone stole it from you, whether they realize it, or not, whether they meant to or not. I’m terribly sorry that this happened because I know it really hurts. Those guys are big jerks a need to take a hike (and jump off a cliff lol :P) As a side note, your dolls are absolutely awesome! :D:D:D

    Also, if you haven’t already, you should check into getting your designs patented or copyrighted so this doesn’t happen again :)

  3. noxy says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this all happen. I can only hope that it all gets straightened out, and that masses of readers write to the publishers, begging to know where they got the gorgeous doll.

  4. mordicai says:

    How frustrating! Hopefully you WILL end up being credited, at the very least in a follow-up “corrections.”

  5. LindaB says:

    That is SO unprofessional of the magazine to do that. You definitely have to get them give you the credit you deserve as the doll’s creator, in their next issue.

    I’m so sorry this spoiled your joy at having one of your dolls displayed in this way.

    Good luck!

  6. Amal says:

    They clearly acted out of jealousy as the doll obviously outshines the dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. kelly says:

    That stinks! What a let-down, it would have been awesome otherwise. Crappy, crappy.

    Keep smiling though, you know you’re awesome!

  8. Astera says:

    This is an unprofessional conduct! They seem to think that since you are not a multinational company, you do not matter at all!? I really hope that you’ll find a way to get recognition, if only in a future issue…on the other hand, it’s possible that the doll collectors that might see this beautiful doll will enquire with the magazine about the maker and you will get customers anyways. Still I know it must hurt…so sorry.

  9. Yajaira says:

    I think this is a huge injustice done to you and you have every right to get some answers.

    The doll is gorgeous btw, and as it has been said by Amal it truly outshines the dress.

  10. Jayne Wourms says:

    The doll is beautiful!! Perhaps they will do a whole article and give you the cover again in next month’s issue by way of an apology….
    and the dress really kind of sucks…sorry Louis.

  11. Jayne says:

    Marina, that is just rotten. I hope you get some satisfaction somewhere from these people.
    ps. Yours and Chad’s photography absoutely outshines Mert & Marcus.
    Jayne xx

  12. Crystal says:

    Maybe something strangely beneficial will come out of this, things like that happen.

  13. Silvana says:

    Marina it’s awful. No matter who is the doll now. Always quotes is the name of the creator of any intellectual work and dolls follow this rule too. Something very ugly and nasty the way he worked the magazine! I believe you deserve an apology and a retraction. Do not be silent!

  14. Jon Songserm says:

    At fisrt, I think it a joke! becuase they don’t credite for you anymore, but after this issues comeing, it’s true and Ed feature in the editorial too, I can’t believe this shit will happen on High Fashion mag. and of couse by Mert and Marcus, a very big name on phographt for fashion Mag, or for high fashion ads.

    I have to confess, ED on this page don’t impress me at all, It kind of a bad photoshop, even she wears LV, she look so cheap in my eyes ,Love Mag you did a very big mistake.

    I can’t imagine what are you feeling now!, but I’ll always support ED from now on!


  15. Tatie says:

    i think so too she look so not a live like too me, sorry :( i think Chad do much better.
    So sorry Marinochka i wish you to get them well
    I’ll help, KICK KICK KICK!!!!!

  16. daniseyu says:

    this kind of dress doesnt fit ED at all,marina style dress fit ED much better.The mag should never do this kind of thing

  17. Eva says:

    That sucks. I’m so sorry you have been treated like this, Marina. :(

    You deserve credit for your hard work and your beautiful art. Also, overexposed and massively photoshopped may work for human models, but EDs shine without that crap.

  18. MissLK says:

    LOVE magazine should apologize for not crediting Marina and it better be a classy apology!

    Aside from the above, I still think it is a stunning portray of ED. She appears to be a young girl with striking beauty yet not so comfortable with herself being put into the Barbie mode or with all the spot light. The slightly uneasy and haunting expression of Cinderella-esque ED goes well with the scene. The LV dress looks ultra glamorous on her porcelain body more than many human models IMO.

    If I am a haute couture designer, I will start booking up EDs fo my next season’s runway show :)

  19. I think this shows the trend in fashion culture to meticulously credit the designer of the dress, show, bag, jewellery, scarf, tights, everything…. but the model remains anonymous and un-credited as she is just meant to be a “blank canvas” for the designer items.
    Unfortunately in this case the model also happens to be a designer, hand-made item, and should have been as meticulously credited as the dress she is wearing.

    Sorry to hear the turn of events, and I do sincerely hope that something good comes from this for you.

  20. La Môme Néant says:

    This leaves me a bitter taste, too. Your work derserve justice!

  21. Philippe Vidal says:

    Bonjour Marina…
    Basically, I don’t think they are allowed to do what they did without mentionning your name… You should definitively contact them and ask for a post in their next issue…
    Huggs to you both

  22. Annina says:

    when i first saw this linked on the forum, i was so excited for you and us fans, it could have been so amazing. but then i was unsure when controversy started, and i was going to wait til we hear from you.

    i’m very sad to hear that you have not been credited, i wish it will get straightened out!

    this cover could also have been a million times better if they took the time to get to know an ED’s posing abilities, and if the dress was made more in scale!

  23. Anika says:

    This is a real shame…perhaps they don’t pay their proofreaders enough?

    Were I you I’d send a letter requesting the correction and hopefully they will run that.

  24. Karen Kline says:

    that is a damm shame, hate to say I’ve been there!
    Lots of magazines never give credit to the Model, and that is just what they did, she was used as a dress-stand and it was all about the dress, welcome to the world of fashion
    I guess they don’t think of your work as art
    it is amazing how stupid people are
    I think she is lovely, and probably should have been photographed in her beautiful skin
    Kaerie Faerie

  25. Roksolana says:

    я видела это фото на страницах ресурса http://www.etoday.ru/2010/08/oblozhki-love-magazine-4.php#more, и тоже страшно удивидась, не увидев, автора, звучит так, как если бы Louis Vuitton сами ее создали.
    Может стоит написать им письмо с порицанием?

    С уважением,

  26. Suzanne says:

    That’s absolutely outrageous and very, very unprofessional of them. You know, I actually saw of copy of the magazine at Artwords Bookshop this morning before I read this entry and I DID ask myself.. HMMMM.. looks like Marina’s work to me but I couldn’t find any information on it inside the mag so I assumed someone had ripped you off. Now I’m really pissed off to hear the truth and I feel really sorry for you. I hope you can come to some sort of arrangement with them and maybe get a little featurette in their next issue?

  27. jslord says:

    Love magazine is a slime sheet, and all the petty, venomous world of “high fashion” comes out in this.
    The dress is tacky; the doll is lovely.
    I hope their smug, giggly, smirky, selfishness blows up in their faces.
    Sorry. I, along with Tatie, want to kick somebody–Mert and Marcus, perhaps? It’s like they (and the slime mag) are taking credit for your work, and they only dare to do it because you are not a huge company. Outrageous.
    Kick again–HARD!

  28. alma says:

    There are something that is more sat, your doll lost her identity, is no more an enchanted doll, the make up is so ordinary no more enchanted doll’s smoothness and sensual. The accesories!!!, please. when I saw her, I can belive that you aprove it, whell maybe you can start a legal process for the credits.
    What you can do about it?

  29. Scarlett says:

    I completely understand how you feel and feel that they did you a serious injustice by not crediting you. But, having said that, I was not a person that knew about your work prior to seeing that cover. I found the photo of the doll so arresting that I spent the time online to find out where the doll came from and eventually found your website. I’ve quickly become an enormous fan and I hope to one day collect your work. So, while the magazine was certainly wrong, I do feel that the cover was responsible for helping me discover your exquisite artistry and I hope that is some consolation as I am sure I am not the only one.

  30. Sarandipitty says:

    Re: “Also, if you haven’t already, you should check into getting your designs patented or copyrighted so this doesn’t happen again.”

    I used to work for the Patent and Trademark Office. Enchanted dolls would at least be categorized as a design patent. Your application will be reviewed and the design will be considered “new and protected” from the DATE OF THE APPLICATION forward. However, because these dolls have been published before a patent was applied for they are now considered to be “public knowledge”. If an application is submitted, these publications will be used against it and it will be rejected (even though the publications are from the artist). I have been wondering about this for a long time and sincerely hope you (Marina) have some kind of legal documentation for your art.

    Already I am appalled by the copies I have seen. I strongly suggest contacting a patent lawyer to protect any future doll designs and to see what can be protected thus far.

    Many students loose rights to their own doctoral research and designs because their thesis is published and public.

  31. Kim says:

    Don’t blame you for being upset Marina. What LOVE magazine did was absolutely appalling.
    Hopefully they will do something to make up for this in their next issue. That would be the right thing to do… but I wouldn’t hold my breath. These big companies are ruthless.

  32. dollutional says:

    Marina, When I first saw her, I was very excited for you. An enchanted doll in a main stream fashion mag. (on one of their covers no less). I wasn’t sure how she got there, but I definitely recognized her as your work. I hope it was an oversight. Some major faux pax that some one thinks later “Oh how could we have forgotten” — In their eagerness to release the covers, some one must have dropped the ball. I am hoping they will send you a sincere apology and that the cover will stir some additional interest in your dolls. I am sorry that Love was negligent, but I’m hoping it was a horrible oversight on their part.

  33. Fen Frances says:

    So sorry to hear about this! The Love cover with your beautiful doll is my hands down favourite and before the actual magazine was released I scoured the net to find out where it had come from so that I could post about your dolls on my blog. I sincerely hope that Love magazine will apologise to you for this! You definitely deserve to be credited for your hard work!

    All that aside though, well done :) that cover is amazingly beautiful! I really hope I can find a copy with your doll cover to actually own for myself! xx

  34. cynthia says:

    In past ads from LV, they’ve used JLo, Madonna and others, but never use their names, assuming everyone knows them already. Contact the editor and they’ll more than likely print a correction in the next mag. I think in this case, it was probably an oversight and not a snub. As for legal action, that’s thousands of dollars and may affect them using your work again. i agree with the others in thinking this could be a blessing in disguise!

  35. sunflower says:

    I was so sad and angry to hear about this. I can only hope that they apologize and give you credit in a future issue! This is so, so very unprofessional of “Love” magazine.

  36. kira says:

    Wow, unbelievable. I saw a preview for this issue and recognized you doll right away. Can’t believe a big magazine would even do that, even if it is a mistake – so unprofessional

  37. Linda says:

    From my understsanding of the situation you want to be credited for creating the doll. It just may be an oveersite. Be gracious & contact them asking if they can credit you for your creation.
    In the future, make certain that an article or photo or whatever of your work be credited by insisting that it be so.
    Dont take for granted that they will do it. Tell them to credit you. You just have to be insistant on it. Sometimes it really is just an oversight.
    Conduct yourself with class & a woman who knows what she wants. It will speak volumes!

    Linda O

  38. Desiree says:

    It makes artists sad to see an artistwork to be taken for clothes which have no character. The dress is plump and makes Marinas Doll to a kind of Barbie Fashion Doll…. Yiuk!!!


  39. Lisa says:

    “….От актрис и моделей до… куклы – обложки четвертого номера LOVE рассчитаны на любой вкус….Сиенна Миллер (Sienna Miller) и Буэла (кукла Louis Vuitton, выпущенная Fabrizio Viti)…” Черным по белому. Тут не то что не ссылаются на автора, а говорят, что сделал куклу вообще другой человек.

  40. betsy says:

    you need to fight for your credit!i think they should publish again in the next issue~

  41. Orangey says:

    Oh! What a horrible situation, it’s not like they just bought this doll from the dollar store, some credit is obviously owed here. I’m really sorry this had to turn bitter for you, and I hope it is straightened out one way or another. It’s a really insulting gesture on their part.

    But on the other hand, I feel like big congratulations are in order, this is very exciting news, and I’m so happy your dolls are getting the recognition they deserve! Of course, that is once the damn name of the doll is on the magazine.~

  42. Peter says:

    An interesting spot about that dolls and models in:



  43. Kree Arvanitas says:

    I am sorry to hear about this and I empathize with you as I have had people fail to credit my henna work in publications. I do not see a credit on the page for photographer, either. Since you still do own the intellectual property to the doll, you may have options. I would have your attorney contact the magazine and see what they offer by way of apology. Perhaps they would do a special on you – you certainly deserve it!

  44. shane says:

    Sarandipitty: If you look at the top of this web page (and any other page on the site), you’ll see that the title “Enchanted Doll” has a trademark symbol (TM) beside it, which I assume means that Marina has *already* successfully trademarked her dolls. So I think you jumped to a conclusion when you said that “they are now considered to be ‘public knowledge’,” and so on.

  45. I’m so sorry this happened to you! Buela absolutely outshines that dress and it’s unbelievable that the magazine would have allowed such an oversight. If I didn’t already know about Enchanted Doll, I would be wanting to know who the beautiful doll modeling the dress is. So, maybe like the previous post said, they’ll get a lot of mail wanting to know.

  46. Sandra says:

    Hi Marina,

    I remember this pic was a big polemic subject on the forum. I was first thinking that this doll was a fake (a photoshoped doll with cinderella’s face on an other body – I’ve tried a photoshop comparison pic, you can see it on flick’r) and I apologise for that. I’m really happy to hear from you that this doll is a “real” Enchanted Doll.

    But I’m still very angry against Love magazine.
    Very angry to see their lack of professionalism.
    I’m working in an add adgency so I understand what you feel about your intellectual property. It’s a shame for an important magazine like love to do that !!
    I’m supporting you, with all my heart.

  47. Jo says:

    That’s horrible! The doll l is so beautiful, and it’s such a crime for them not to credit you. I hope you contact them so that they know what a crime they committed!

    I hope future events will turn out in your favor.

    With all my love,

  48. ohmyy says:

    Perhaps it has something to do with the bad karma you’ve accrued by not honouring the winner of your birthday contest with anything after five months!!!!!

  49. gypsy james says:

    wow! how unprofessional of “love”!
    when i saw that picture the first thing i wanted to know, was who is the artist of such beauty! i’m sure that many people thought the same thing.
    love mag is uncool in my book and i can see how they would do something like this.

    you are a great artist!
    one of the most interesting in that whole magazine!

    keep on rockin!

  50. Cyriaque-L says:

    I understand your point of view and the way you react. If it happens to me I would react the same. I studied law and the copyright problems and I am a creator. I advice you to be in touch with the magazine to understand why they did a such mistake. Then you can try to negociate some nice pages about your work. A good way for them to apologize and give more information about the great Doll Maker you are !

  51. Andrew yang says:

    Don’t worry Marina, your work speaks for itself. Nichola Formichetti, the stylist responsible for making Lady Gaga who she is today in terms of her look, one of the most well known and prolific stylists in the fashion industry, was left uncredited for his recent work with Gaga’s Vanity Fair spread in the September issue. Your work is well known and respected in many circles beyond the fashion and doll collecting worlds and it is definitely recognizable as yours alone. Hopefully LOVE magazine has the integrity to credit you online or in their next issue.

  52. Kimmi says:

    Dear whoever the fuck ohmyy is:

    Marina stated SEVERAL TIMES throughout the birthday contest, before after AND during, that the prizes would not be mailed out til after Marina’s shows and it would be late summer. She has also made several updates about when they will be mailed on her blog.

    Pay attention and don’t be rude. The winner already knows this and is waiting patiently and would NEVER write such a rude comment. It’s a free doll, okay, what do you expect? Do you want her to get her money back?

    I don’t know what it matters to you anyway since it’s not your doll. Go be rude somewhere else.

  53. SWANclothing says:

    i’m so sorry this happened to you. i have had some recent events that really hurt me too. i found that it made me angry almost in a good way and promising myself to take even better care of my product’s ownership. sometimes my being upset can give me good energy. i have a suggestion, i don’t know how useful it would be but you can add text information to this image that includes of course that she is a doll of yours and most likely that image will find it’s way around the internet. i can tumble it for example. i do think your dolls are very recognizable and if people don’t already know who made them, they will soon.

  54. SWANclothing says:

    i think Cyriaque-L gave some really good advice.

  55. Sarandipitty says:

    RE: “they are now considered to be ‘public knowledge’,” and so on.

    That phrase is really just a legal term. In essence it just means that once something is published then everyone knows about it. If something is protected by law, then after it is published no one else is allowed to make the item and profit off of it. If it is not protected, once it is published, you can no longer legally prove it is yours.

    The trademark is to protect something that is a symbol of identification. In this case it is probably for the name “Enchanted Doll” and perhaps the logo.

    Thank you for pointing that out. I hadn’t noticed and thank goodness at least there is that. Perhaps it also indicates that she has a Patent application in the works?

    The doll faces, the novel wiring technique and the doll body itself (unique elbow design, etc) would not fall under a trademark. Marina truly has made unique and novel dolls. It just really makes me angry to see the copies thriving.

  56. Kate says:

    Wow all this patent and public knowledge talk seems crazy to me. In Australia an artist automatically has copyright over anything they produce just by creating it. Artists also have a moral right to have their work credited accurately if it is reproduced in any way.

  57. Sarandipitty says:

    ;) And stuff like that is only part of the reason why everyone wants to visit (preferably move) to Australia.

  58. monika viktoria says:

    Yes….. Marina should move to Australia.. she definitely should… preferably Sydney…. somewhere close to me :-P

    Sometimes the best protection against Identity Theft (and/or confusion) is to do it first (your idea/artwork that is) and to do it well, so that your item/artwork/product is the best there is available out there.

    There is no such thing as 100% protection besides keeping your ideas hidden at home under your pillow, and never showing anyone.
    And there’s no fun in that.
    However, making your idea the best you possibly can, will secure you as the number one option, and original creator out there.

    I’m totally off the original topic now, which didn’t have anything to do with patents and identity protection (sorry!)

  59. Amber says:

    If you write a letter/call they will likely publish a correction in their next edition, giving you credit.

  60. Ophelia says:

    I literally only bought this copy of LOVE magazine when I saw Buela on the cover of it in the shops. I fell in love with her on the cover, I was genuinely spellbound. She was… simply, the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.
    I googled who or what she was.
    And I was brought here.
    She is yours. I took the time to find that out. So will others.

    And if they don’t make an apology in the next issue?! Well…

    Don’t let this ruin it for you. The most beautiful cover I’ve ever seen. You’re creation. and I thank you

  61. Orangey says:

    Ohmyy: Your comment baffles me. Marina generously opened the contest to give away one of her prized pieces of art, which are becoming more and more precious as time ticks on. It’s really amazing to me how people so easily think they have a right to something that is infact a PRIVILEGE. I know the actual winner of the contest is waiting politely, you can try also, deary.

    I would wait a year as long as the doll arrives on my doorstep eventually. And Marina has to honor her contest, so let’s all keep calm and let the busy and generous woman take care of her more pressing businesses first.~

  62. helen roberts says:

    I knew it was your doll the minute I saw it and could not understand why the credit said ‘doll master Fabrizio Viti’. Not at all impressed with the magazine for not crediting you work. They owe you an apology.

  63. Amarilli says:

    I had read the post, but not the comments so far.
    Marina, what a sour experience not to be credited for one’s work, I totally sympathise with you, but as many have said I’m sure there will eventually be a way to turn poison into medicine. The beauty of your art talks for itself.

    And yes please let it be TOTALLY CLEAR that I’m waiting patiently and would never make a public rude comments to Marina ! (in case the anonimity of the above commenter might put a doubt in someone).

    On a less important note, the info you talk about Kimmi did escape me though, not that it’s so very important but since I’m looking forward to any piece of news I’d love if you could tell me where Marina wrote these info! thanks :)

    Good luck Marina on this Love Magazine matter and regards to Chad (I agree on many of the above comments on his superior photographic ability !!!).


  64. Jayne says:

    Now after having read the interview with the editor, I am disgusted and angry.
    We don’t get that magazine in Australia and I hope we never will.
    There must be some way for you to get a public apology! :(

  65. Eiko says:

    Amarilli – I think Kimmi might’ve gotten her facts mixed up here. With the birthday contest from 2009, Marina clearly stated that she wouldn’t send out the birthday doll ’til after her show in June.

    But this year, Marina had originally said that she’d send out the doll in April (blog entry on 20th of March) and then in July, she said that she’d send out the gifts asap (blog entry on 10th of July).

    Anyways, I’m sure that Marina will send out your lovely girl very soon ^___^

  66. Amarilli says:

    Ah ok thanks Eiko, nevermind then !

    As for the last “Love” facts, they are coming out as amateurs with all the “oversights” they’re accumulating (3 in a row by now).
    I hope they will be at least able to take action for a theatrical apology, which seems to be urgently needed by now ;)

  67. jess says:

    That is very bad and annoying that they did not credit you! I should know this as I searched in the magazine trying to find out who made Buela! on the up side, it got me googling and that’s when I discovered you and the rest of your amazing dolls!

    I bought the magazine purely for the front cover. The front cover is now in a picture frame, hanging in my room.

  68. Mia says:

    Iam sorry to hear it grieved you.. I hope their next issue will have an apology and correct print..

    They did credit you in their website.. posted it seems Aug.31st..with a link to your site…


    Oh that Beula is one lucky ED doll to have an owner who works for LV! sighs…

  69. Orangey says:

    Eiko, oh really? Hah. Well.

    An ED is still worth the wait. <3

  70. datumzine says:

    you know though this is going to make some people who see this doll wonder who made the doll. and make them search it out.

    though yes i agree as your name or ed dolls should of been mentioned somewhere even if they stuck tiny print on it. though for some reason it kinda does remind me of a few modeling magazines where they just stick the models name and what they are wearing. but as its more so a doll/object they should of put the maker or company name. maybe of the fair side of stupidity the magazine though that was the offical name of the type/mold of doll or the maker brand like barbie/mattel. though i hope you do send some info and let them no there serious faux pas

  71. i think you should take legal action against them for using your creation without so much as a mention of you as the creator…surely there is a law against this obvious abuse of artists rights….not sure if this is possible…but who knows you may open the door for other artist who’s work will in the future possibly be used in a like manner…and then there will be laws that protect them and their art…be a pioneer…take them to court and show them just how serious we artist take these matters…best of luck…your dolls are the best…hugs…christen

  72. victoria buckley says:

    I sourced a copy of the magazine last night. Great looking magazine, but the issue, according to the editor, is all about female empowerment as represented by boobs. Hmm, yeah. Really empowering to use Marina’s work withour acknowledgement.
    In an era where even perfume is accredited in magazine editorial shots, it’s totally reprehensible that Marina wasn’t mentioned at all in the mag. The doll was the star of the shot- it wasn’t as if she was an incidental prop in the background.
    On a side note it’s humorously ironic that half the shots (including some of the cover versions)feature nudes, but the doll is fully ( and demurely) dressed.

  73. Clara says:

    How curious, I have followed you for years and saw this cover on a poster in London a couple of weeks ago. I was sure it was your work but then saw there was no credit, and that her dress was not your style. I thought someone was ripping you off. After my own intial excitement at seeing what I thought was your work I was deiappointed. I can only imagine how you feel. I hope the magazine makes it good with you or it has done you a great diservice to say the least, certainly some damage in terms of making your unique work so public without credit. Good luck.

  74. Debbie says:

    I did notice this too. I buy Love magazine anyway but I chose the doll cover as I had seen your work a few weeks earlier on your website, but I didn’t see a credit anywhere. I was pretty sure she was one of yours because your dolls have such a distinctive style. Hopefully this will be a one off and you will recieve proper credit in future.

  75. Ari says:

    I was really excited when I caught sight of the cover of Love in a newsagents, even from across the street I could see immediately that it was an Enchanted Doll! But to hear that you were not credited or mentioned at all in the issue is shameful.

  76. Oh Please says:

    Seriously.Get over yourself.Someone bought a doll from you which is now their property and used it in a shoot.How is this an infringement of your rights exactly?They didnt credit you, big whoop,its not like they bootlegged a bunch of copies of the doll.Any idiot with basic Google skills could find out who the artist or “artiste” in this case is.You make dolls not broker peace in the Middle East or work on curing cancer.Poor me,they wouldnt tailor a program just for me at Emily Carr,other people make ugly boring dolls,Im so offended,send me stuff for my birthday cause Im a speshul snowflake,blah,blah,blah.Yawn.

  77. shane says:

    To Sarandipitty:

    Very belatedly: thanks for the correction and clarification! :) I’m unfamiliar with the world of trademarks — obviously. :0

    To “Oh Please” (just above):

    To answer your question: “How is this an infringement of [Marina’s] rights exactly?”, see:

  78. Shel says:

    Hi Marina, for the first time. :)

    I saw your doll in LOVE and knew immediately it was yours. I’ve admired your work for years on the web and want to say, now that I’m writing for the first time, how grateful I am for talent like yours that produces such beautiful works!! You have fans far and wide who recognize and appreciate your work, credited or otherwise… be assured.

    I was sitting by my husband at our local Barnes & Noble bookseller when I came across this issue of LOVE, and in that moment, long before reading this blog post this morning, felt appalled on your behalf that this doll went uncredited. I checked the entire book for a mention of your brand or name! I even complained to my husband, sipping his coffee quietly beside me.

    I was appalled not just because it struck me as unprofessional and unethical and possibly illegal (copyright issues) to have left your work uncredited, but also because, as a bear maker who’s attempted a doll or two myself, I know from artisanal experience how much work must go into each of your pieces, and how wonderful — and lucrative! — publicity like this could potentially be. I also know from icky personal experience how terrible it feels to have my work used in ways that violate my intellectual property rights.

    Whatever the outcome on a legal level, though, in your particular case the bottom line seems to be: Just how hard could it have been for LOVE to include mention of you and your brand, your doll Buela, specifically, was the literal focus of an editorial/photo shoot??

    I’m not sure what, if any, legal or financial recourse is appropriate or even reasonable; you’re dealing with deep pockets on the side of the publisher and, I’m guessing, much shallower ones of your own. ;) But for sure, I echo your sentiment about the whole situation. Sour indeed!!

    Condolences from California,

  79. Shel says:

    Oh, and I forgot to mention the huge disservice LOVE has done to their readership by neglecting to mention exactly what a “Buela” is, and where it came from. I wonder how many letters they’ll receive asking where they can find another of your beautiful dolls?

    I’m crossing fingers they print a correction in the next issue, at a minimum.

    Good luck!

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