Enchanted Doll in NY fashion week!

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Attention Enchanted Doll fans of New York: My beautiful Silk Road doll is continuing her tour of the USA. After debuting in Seattle’s Artful Henna show in August, she’s gone on to New York city to be exhibited at the Red Bull Space in the SoHo district during New York fashion week!

I had decided to change her short cropped hair style to long, blond locks and in the spirit of fashion, gave her a pair of Bronze stilettos to fit in with the the runway models.

Chad and I almost flew to New York for the weekend to attend the event ourselves, but then we found that Canada Customs is about to release the entire container of new ED tin boxes any day, which means we have to be here to receive and unload the shipment at our warehouse storage with only 24 hours notice. Timing was bad.

But that’s ok, because there are talks of doing an Enchanted Doll exhibition in NY in 2011 or 2012.

Meanwhile, the Beauty had sold. I couldn’t decide whether to be happy or sad about that. Although I have a very strict policy of not getting attached to my work, I did grow very fond of her. I hope to see her one last time in London this fall before she leaves forever.

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  1. noxy says:

    Oh how lovely! I adore this picture and may even prefer Silk Road in the longer hair. And Noire in the background and the other doll parts! So great. Too bad she’s not wearing a bright red wig, then she’d really match mayple’s print behind her. hehe

  2. Biscuitbear says:

    A container full of tin boxes…the mind boggles. In my work I deal with containers from China too but the contents are much less exciting!
    I hope Beauty’s new owner will not hide her away! BTW I read in a blog somewhere someone writing she had heard that Lily on eBay had sold to Demi Moore!

  3. Jon Songserm says:

    She looks great!
    and ready to rock at the Big Apple, It’s so excite to here, she have owner, Hope she will never hide away.

    Congretulation for the next Exibition in NewYork.The article in style.com that mention your name about your work and miss Burla,anyway

    I’m waiting for your next!

  4. Eiko says:

    That’s very exciting news.

    I really enjoy seeing pics of your dolls at your workplace. It kinda gives us a ‘behind the scenes’ look :-)

  5. When is New York Fashion Week? Does it fall around the same time all over the world?

    Great to here Silk is travelling to New York, I’ve seen a lot of your fans in NY hoping to see one of your dolls, so this is a great opportunity for them!!

  6. Jayne says:

    Ok, I’m really , really nosy, but I absoutely love seeing shots of where you work.
    Congratulations on New York Fashion week.
    Like Ms Noxy, I love the long blonde locks :)
    (And seeing Monika’s painting makes my heart sing <3)

  7. Annina says:

    Monika’s painting fit’s so wonderfuly with her, and i have to say i prefer this new wig on her, it’s beautiful!

    aww how hard it must be to not get atached to the dolls you make, if i made dolls so beautiful, i don’t know if i could sell them..

    i too love pictures of your workspace.

    oh yay, congrats on all these great news about New York. ha, i plan to go there some time, so maybe i can make it work and be there when you have an exhbition there, oh that would be amazing!

  8. Kelly (tencats) says:

    Congrats, Marina! I love the photo too, Noire looks so sweet looking up admiringly at Silk Road. The head on the metal stand… augh!

    Demi Moore- awesome rumor/fact!!!

    You are awesome!

  9. jslord says:

    Oh, it’s better than Christmas!
    I am delirious.

  10. iki says:

    Oh my god, i have to say that i am a little bit jealous of you, because you are going to new york fashin week omgggggg, that is my biggest dream

  11. iki says:

    i have to say that i prefer silk road wioth the short wig but it look pretty with the long wig, i can’t belive moninka has made that picture, it’s so cute.

  12. Laura says:

    Oh, it’s very nice news!!!!! Finally I will see an Ed doll in person!!!!! I am happy to live in New York!!!!!!! Yes, yes, yes!!!!! Maybe we can meet each other Jslord and enjoy the show together? It’s will be very nice.

  13. She’s absolutely beautiful. And, yes, I can understand getting attached to your works. I would too if I created such gorgeous models! They’re almost alive! Congratulations on your latest exhibition!

  14. Linda says:

    Fabulous news! You are going places and so are your wonderful creations. as it shoul be…..I might add. I am happy for you.


  15. Crystal says:

    Now what is the difference between a show and an exhibition? Whatever it is, I would like to be there! But let me say, there are sooooo many wealthy people in N.Y.C. who LOVE art that once they discover you you’ll have it made!

  16. MissLK says:

    I love NYC and lived there for many years years ago!!! If you will be having an exhibition in NYC sometimes in 2011, I definitely want to be there :)

    Did the headress of Silk Road stay silver? Somehow in the photo, there seems to be some rosy champagne gold highlights… it could just be my eyes fooling.

    Congrats, Marina! The Big Apple will love you and ED.

    Congrats, Monika(your painting looks great behind Silk Road)!

  17. Yasmin says:

    I couldn’t imagine saying goodbye to these lovely works of art. Though, I suppose you enjoy their company while you make each one of them, and you can always look forward to the next.

    Congratulations on all of your success, You’re an inspiration to me, and I hope to see your dolls in person someday.


  18. Orangey says:

    I couldn’t do it, I applaud you for your non-attachment, hah. Creating and forming the doll from scratch is like an intense bonding time, by the end of it, it’s reasonable that you would be attached and sad to see her go! I would have a hard time selling anything I made, no matter how small or -cheap-, haha.

    And oooh, congratulations on Fashion Week. I’ll anticipate your future exhibition in New York, I’ll have to find a way there when the time comes.

    BiscuitBear: Wow, Demi Moore?? That’d make a lot of sense!

  19. terri says:

    ED’s are quite the jet-setters these days!

    Congratulations Marina!

  20. Ilona says:

    I’ve seen info about this on Strychin’s Facebook. Congrats, Marina! Great news!

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